Well, you don’t sound very grateful

Recent quote from a lovely domme, disappointed by my bad manners. Needless to say, she helped me to express my gratitude more profusely.

Pictures are neither more nor less related than usual.

I expect she has quite firm views – vigorously expressed – on gratitude, too.
Of course she’s not actually going to throw the gift set away – I mean, she has it now, so she might as well keep it. But its the principle of the thing. Ironically enough, that particular cosmetics firm practises cruelty-free testing. And she knows that. But she holds to her principles very strongly.
What a shame she doesn’t let you have enough money to afford her services. Oh well, there’s always sitting alone in the dark and howling inwardly, right?
There’s a guy who hangs around the coffee shop just waiting to see that domme approaching the door, so he can leap ahead of her in the queue and ‘pay her coffee on’. Sadly, she doesn’t know that because she’s never had to pay for a coffee there and thinks its free… so she just occasionally notices with irritation the guy who always barges ahead of her in the queue. But life was never meant to be fair.
As a last service, try to notice which way your beloved wife bet and then breathe faster or slower, depending, to help her win. That would be a loving gesture and it’s not as if you’ll have many more opportunities to show how much you care for her.
I wonder what it does mean? Madame Šárka seems to know… I expect she’ll be able to help him understand his mistake – and the seriousness thereof.

As a bit of found (and probably unintended) femdom, this is rather lovely, by the way. I wonder if it works with anything other than golf balls?

4 thoughts on “Well, you don’t sound very grateful”

  1. She’s beautiful in the found footage, but it’s not really found femdom. Maybe you have a thing for sexy golf?

    1. Well, true. I suppose it depends on whether you think the pair of golf balls is symbolic or not. I see femdom everywhere, which is just as well or I’d have run out of situations to caption as ‘oo-err, that makes me think of femdom’.

      Apropos not very much, there’s an old joke about a pair of cockney children from London’s East End being billeted in a posh country manor house when the children were evacuated from London in the blitz. As they walk into the marbled hall, the boy catches sight of a pair of white balls sitting in a saucer on a table. “Wot’s them then, Missus?’ he asks the lady of the manor. “Those are golf balls dear”, she replies. So anyway, after a year or two things quiet down and the children drift back to London. Then in 1944 the V weapons start up, so they’re evecuated again. Once again, the two kids are billeted in the same country house and this time there are four golf balls in the saucer. “Nah then, Missus” the lad remarks. “I see your ‘usband’s shot another golf!”

      I said it was an old joke. I never claimed it was a good one.

      Best wishes


  2. 1st caption: She slapped the absolute hell out of him, so hard his knees buckled and he whimpered like a sissy. I saw it peeking through the door. I guess his real marriage vows to “worship, fear and obey” her are about to be spelled out to him…..clearly. And he better say it with a smile on his face.

    1. Some men find it hard to adjust to married life. They have new obligations, new responsibilities, a new boss. It can be confusing at first, so she’s trying to make it as simple for him to understand as possible.

      Best wishes


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