Begging the question

It’s usually “May I? Please Mistress?”

Typical. She remembered to pack plenty of condoms for her own sexual pleasure, didn’t she? But didn’t think to bring just one little key.  Honestly: if I’m permitted speaking rights at any point during this trip, I’m going to give her a piece of my mind!

Many people get uncomfortable at the idea of public humiliation scenes, which impose your own sexuality on random strangers without their consent.  But in this case, she made you go around asking everyone in the cafe if they were OK with watching you being humiliated for sexual kicks, so that’s all right.
Actually, the neighbours wouldn’t mind.  They never liked him. But it’s thoughtful of her to think of them.

‘Fool around’?  Who says that, these days? Why do people in porn talk so weirdly?

Can’t argue with the science.

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