Brutal persuasion


“Do you still need the ring gag?” is one of those questions that’s often quite hard to answer coherently.


You’ll probably feel more comfortable doing what you’re told, too.  Or experience discomfort if you don’t – which is basically the same thing.





He used to think size doesn’t matter.  He’s learning that it does.


 Mistress Eleise de Lacy, there.  Speaking, as we were, of feeling weak in the knees…




There’ll be thin lines in lots of places quite soon.  Cris-crossing, some of them, and that can be agony.

I’m not a very spiritual person, myself, but my guess is that she will.

I can still hear you saying

… you would never break the chain.

Oh, not again…

Do you know, I think I might be so full after all that, I don’t think I could face a dessert? But fortunately, no one cares what I think.

I’ve suffered from a few sexual complaints in my time.
Well, it’s hardly my fault.  I mean – I just glanced at her. For two seconds – three, tops!

It’s tough, being a responsible adult.  So I’ve heard.

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