Brutal persuasion


“Do you still need the ring gag?” is one of those questions that’s often quite hard to answer coherently.


You’ll probably feel more comfortable doing what you’re told, too.  Or experience discomfort if you don’t – which is basically the same thing.





He used to think size doesn’t matter.  He’s learning that it does.


 Mistress Eleise de Lacy, there.  Speaking, as we were, of feeling weak in the knees…




There’ll be thin lines in lots of places quite soon.  Cris-crossing, some of them, and that can be agony.

I’m not a very spiritual person, myself, but my guess is that she will.

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  1. I am so sorry James slapped you, darling. I did warn you about talking to him like an equal but you do insist on going on about his new car and the football results. I don't know why you do with him. After all you don't talk to Rachel about the netball results, do you?

    Now calm down, don't cry, babe. Now go and prepare dinner. What is it you are cooking, darling? Oh the seafood lasagne, I know James loves that. First go and check James has a drink and take the opportunity to thank him for correcting you.

    Now babe, don't cry it's ok. I know you are attracted to James but he's not into sissy men dressed as a girly.

    I'll be down when I have checked my lippie.

    Good boy.


  2. Babe, isn't this a lovely hotel? So expensive too, it must have cost James a fortune. This room is fabulous. Just look at that view of the Indian Ocean. Thanks for unpacking sweetie. How is your room in the basement? Oh I'm pleased you like it.

    Now I want you to have an early night tonight as you will be busy tomorrow. I wanted you on this trip to serve me and James so we can relax. You will eat your meals in the basement cafe and be available to do our bidding until you are allowed to go to bed, ok?

    It will make our life simpler. We won't have time to let you out of your chastity so this month is cancelled, babe. What's that? Oh that's sweet of you I know you are disappointed but its nice of you to understand.

    We are going on a boat trip next Tuesday so you can do some sightseeing that day if you have finished your chores.

    Oh look James is here. Well babe thank him for bringing you here with us. Good boy!

    Sorry James, he's a bit overwhelmed by the lovely hotel and the amazing city.

    Now babe come and kiss and rub my feet, then you can go to bed whilst we get ready to go out for a meal. I want you to wake us with coffee at 8 each morning.

    Night night babe.


  3. I wonder if your boy could combine his interests in sport and effeminate behaviour by becoming a cheerleader, Miss Zoe? I understand that even some of the more macho men are becoming more accepting of sissies in that role – I read about this rugby club where the players not only came to accept their high-kicking sissy admirers, they even sometimes invite them to join them in the showers after the match.

    Best wishes


  4. I often find it quite hard to relax the first few days of a holiday, which is just as well as I'm forbidden from doing so. They say a change is as good as a rest, but everywhere's so nearly the same these days – one toilet bowl looks just the same as another, frankly.

    As for being let out of chastity, I just don't see where I'd find the time. Much better off without, as she likes to say.

    Best wishes


  5. Perhaps her eating spicy things can help spice up their sex life too. And no need to take off that ring gag. Femsup

  6. I refuse to get drawn into discussions about 'inches', I am afraid Femsup. They bring back too many depressing memories of dates gone badly wrong.

    Best wishes


  7. The ring gag one was an awesome surprise! ­čÖé All were good though.. tenting my panty. SaraE

  8. Hmm. Not sure I approve of the tenting, Sara. A little desperate and ineffectual twitching of the rigid plastic or metal between the legs is about as far as penile reaction is allowed to go in my SO's household. If I were ever to start tenting, it would be a small and ineffectual tent anyway, I think, more of a windbreak at best.

    Best wishes


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