Par des mains enchaînées

Oui, c’est le jour de la Bastille, la journée nationale en France! Hourra! Vive la domination féminine!

The day the we celebrate the core French values of liberty, equality and fraternity – all three of them contrary to much of the material published in this blog, it’s true, but stirring and inspiring nonethless. As a Brit, resident in France and stubbornly hanging on despite Brexit (stubbornness is in my nature, despite vigorous attempts by highly skilled ladies to break me of the habit permanently), I feel compelled to pay my respects to the glory that is France and the gifts that great nation has brought to the world in the only way I know how: publishing porn.

Celebrated this day here before, once.

So, a selection of captioned images with at least some tenuous connection to La Belle France. Mostly published before, so there will be a proper post with five new ones tomorrow. Would I let you down?

And, look, chaps, if you want me publish a similar celebration of the jolly old national day of celebration in Blighty, you’re going to have to wait until they dashed well invent one, aren’t you? I’m not celebrating the bally King’s birthday, official or otherwise. Trafalgar Day… that would work. Celebrate rum, sodomy and the lash… I’m afraid I don’t personally drink rum but two out of three ain’t bad. Perhaps if they ever put Penny in charge, hmm?

Maybe she intended to say it only once, but this is a reprint so she has now said it only once twice.

More in this vein here.

Oh, and there’s this for sissy types, or anyone who loves frou-frou skirts.

Strict unethical standards


Sometimes, for brief periods when I am asleep or locked away in a cupboard.




God save the Queen.  And her subjects, who might need some divine intervention, in the decades of her reign.



What sort of fish?  Sustainably-sourced, I hope.




I did know at one point.  Maybe I forgot… it’s all such a long time ago.




Sometimes I wish English retained the distinction between familiar and formal modes of address.  I could try asking my domme to call me ‘thou’ but it just wouldn’t be the same.*

 This is the very lovely and French Ibicella.  She speaks English but, really, why would you want her to?



* Occasionally people ask me what my pronouns are.  To my embarrassment, I am forced to admit that I am not allowed any.

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