If it’s Friday, this must be Belgium

Regular readers will know that occasionally I depart from the fantasy theme of this blog to give practical, down-to-earth advice to subs on visiting dommes. See this, this or this, or even this for example.

But my stats tell me that this blog has readers from all over the world and especially the USA, so I was thinking it might be time for a post especially for the American subs.  No – I don’t mean one using particularly short and simple words.  I do that anyway, because I am well aware that many of this blog’s readers are male and I don’t think it’s fair to make it too difficult for them to follow, in the brief amount of computer time they’re allowed.  I mean a post that helps US visitors to Europe navigate the complex but fascinating cultural backwaters my tired old continent possesses. 

So here – in a bid to alienate the majority of my readership – is some advice to a US sub, visiting Europe. Have a nice day now, y’hear?



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  1. I found that it's helpful to refer to your Spanish domme as "Mexicana" or "Latina." It makes them think that you feel comfortable with them, and since they all speack Spanish, it's pretty much the same all over.

  2. Also remember that Europeans don't work with the good old fashioned Imperial measurements for length either. As an easy conversion, if you would normally say you can cope with a 5 inch butt plug, in metric it's about 20 centimetres.

  3. these conversions might get you in trouble especially 6 litres but hey that's close to my record but depending on position, might cause involuntary vomiting when the vagus nerve gets stimulated by a higher pH in the stomach, so no gags for this extreme play and know what you are getting into

  4. Yes, good idea. I've heard the ones to the South of America speak Latin actually, but I guess it's all the same. They're all called 'Consuela' too, which is quite convenient.

  5. Yes. And any enemas should be warmed to at least 85°C to keep things comfortable down there before the metric butt-plug goes in.

    Incidently, the proper term for the width of the butt-plug you describe is "2 deci-arses".

  6. True, no doubt, although a little beyond my experiences.

    You're right about the trouble conversions can cause, though. One time, I went on a date with this American girl and we were chatting about something or other and what size it was and I told her a figure in centimetres and she thought I meant inches. I can't quite remember what it was all about now, but I do recall that later she was very disappointed and got quite cross about the whole thing.

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