The truth hurts

…but I have found that lying hurts even more.

I suppose it can’t hurt to try.

Don’t worry – it’s not the end of the discussion.  There’ll be plenty of time for more apologies.

Actually, I had a bad experience just like this one.  I thought I’d met the dominant woman of my dreams, but actually all she wanted was unpaid labour in her garden and it never really developed beyond that to a proper FLR, so after seventeen years I gave up on it.  She still calls occasionally… and of course I don’t mind popping round for a few hours or days when she does, but I think we both realise the spark was never there.

They originally had proper school lessons but there’s not really much point teaching anything to boys who are only going to leave the school in a hearse, so most schoolwork consists of writing lines.
Not a problem I’ve ever had, I’ll admit.

Giving until it hurts

I donate all my spare money to the retired dominatrices’ malevolent fund. It doesn’t make me feel any better about myself, but it saves all that time that I used to waste buying stuff, eating out or going on holiday.

I have a very active fantasy life, as you can tell. Sometimes it does go too far, though.  I mean, really…men’s lib??  Come on Servitor…let’s try to keep the blog reasonably grounded in reality.

Yes, I’ve never had any problem with female authority figures.  My difficulty arises when we have 19 year-old female interns around the office.  They’re just not used to giving orders or having someone else get their coffee.  But over the course of a six week internship, they usually get the idea.

To cut a long story short: she said so, he protested, she insisted, he tearfully agreed and now it’s one of their biggest sellers.  So he can afford to give her even more tribute.  Funny how things work out.

That doesn’t mean she would always give you a handjob, of course. 

…and why it will continue to happen.

Respectful silence

Get ready… they’re rough.


It adds a bit of tension to an otherwise dull game.


Very wise.


Of course, there’s always a risk in catching up with old schoolfriends, that they’ll make you feel bad by being, like, waaay more successful. But really, when your future’s the butcher’s hook, there’s no point in drawing fine distinctions, I say.


Tender loving cruelty, that is.

Smothering hotline
Let’s hope the helpline gets back to her quickly.  She doesn’t want a suffocated corpse lying around her flat – again.

Female supremacy means never having to admit youre wrong
Not that it really matters.

Anal hooks and testicular clamps oh my
Men who find it difficult to see their wives’ points of view should try it – it’s amazing what a few hours of agony can do.

Oh no.  Not Sarah.  Not again.  That’s just not fair.  Maybe you should say something?

Mini men crush fantasy
Thought I’d moved on, didn’t you?  Oh no.  She haunts my dreams…and my hard drive.

On the fourth day of Christmas

My Mistress gave to me
…four across the buttocks
…three across the knuckles
…two hours in the corner
…and an hour being spanked across her knee.

Lesbian lust oh my
I expect they’ll find something to amuse themselves with. I wonder if Amanda has any hobbies?

Schoolgirl with a cane oh my oh my
Their grades have been quiite poor, actually.  I think your professional integrity requires you to resist revising them for as long as possible.

No more femdom fantasy
Ironically, being married to her is a bit more expensive too.  Still, too late now.

Beat the shit out of him first argue later
Yes Ellen.

Wasn’t it nice of her to ask him?  And isn’t Anne Hathaway just the most…., just the… oh words fail me and I’m not even fit to be unworthy of her.  Sigh.  SIGH. 
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