On the fourth day of Christmas

My Mistress gave to me
…four across the buttocks
…three across the knuckles
…two hours in the corner
…and an hour being spanked across her knee.

Lesbian lust oh my
I expect they’ll find something to amuse themselves with. I wonder if Amanda has any hobbies?

Schoolgirl with a cane oh my oh my
Their grades have been quiite poor, actually.  I think your professional integrity requires you to resist revising them for as long as possible.

No more femdom fantasy
Ironically, being married to her is a bit more expensive too.  Still, too late now.

Beat the shit out of him first argue later
Yes Ellen.

Wasn’t it nice of her to ask him?  And isn’t Anne Hathaway just the most…., just the… oh words fail me and I’m not even fit to be unworthy of her.  Sigh.  SIGH. 

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