Seductive reasoning

I break easily.


Simon, like many alphas, sometimes finds it hard to understand subs.  It’s not his fault, of course: it’s because he’s a male and males are stupid.



She briefly renamed him “Whiny, pleady pathetic cry-baby” but ended up with the rather unsurprising “Skinny Bastard”. 

 I believe this sweet lady is Mistress Tess.  I’m sure she can help you, too, discover a new healthier lifestyle, if you ask very nicely.



Lots of men have irrational fears about castration. OK, just occasionally those fears might be rational but there’s no point in brooding on these things and letting them ruin your life.




The World Sadistic Games are much more fun to watch than regular sporting competitions.  The Ladies’ Javelin, for instance, which not only involves strength and the ability to throw far but also tests the athletes’ aim.



Crawl space

Actually that’s not true – she takes the keenest interest in making your knees hurt and derives great pleasure from it.

I’m actually really good at fetching sticks.  On dates, I usually try to work the conversation around, so I can casually mention it.
I tried ‘coming out’ by telling some female co-workers about my true sexual nature and I have to say I didn’t get anything like this understanding reaction.  Actually, the entire experience was utterly humiliating and very painful.  So that was nice.

It’s odd – when the lady who’s now my SO and I first got together, she always (well… both times, anyway) complained that I came too soon. Nowadays, apparently I take too long and she never has time, even though I’m pretty sure I’m quicker than ever.  Women, eh?

The Divine Mistress Heather, of course. Divinity lessons have never been so intense.
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