Crawl space

Actually that’s not true – she takes the keenest interest in making your knees hurt and derives great pleasure from it.

I’m actually really good at fetching sticks.  On dates, I usually try to work the conversation around, so I can casually mention it.
I tried ‘coming out’ by telling some female co-workers about my true sexual nature and I have to say I didn’t get anything like this understanding reaction.  Actually, the entire experience was utterly humiliating and very painful.  So that was nice.

It’s odd – when the lady who’s now my SO and I first got together, she always (well… both times, anyway) complained that I came too soon. Nowadays, apparently I take too long and she never has time, even though I’m pretty sure I’m quicker than ever.  Women, eh?

The Divine Mistress Heather, of course. Divinity lessons have never been so intense.

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  1. Darling sometimes I just don't understand you at all. There you are sharing my bed in the master bedroom which you are usually banned from except to clean and change the bed and still you moan. We had a nice time didn't we? Kissing and cuddling, so what the heck is wrong with you?


  2. Darling you did it again this morning. How can anyone be told how to behave one day and forget his manners the very next day? What did you do? You forgot your place and chatted to my friend Rachel like you were old mates. Almost as if you are her equal darling, but we both know that is not true. When she asked you how you are she didn't expect you to tell her in such detail. She was being polite, the correct response is I am fine Miss Rachel….not listing all your problems. By the way I'll be discussing your so called problems at your weekly review on friday.

    Rachel looked quite shocked when you started talking without my permission…so guess what? Well, your chastity will now be on for an extra three weeks before I consider any different…good boy.

    Now get on with your chores.


  3. Male subs at least rarely show the gratitude they should. For example, most subs – if brought 95% of the way to orgasm – will rarly exhibit anything resembling 95% of the gratitude they should show, even if the exercise is repeated several times a day. It's just how males are – when they've not been beaten enough, anyway. Sorry about that.

  4. Sounds very fair. Equally, though, subs can sometimes makes the opposite mistake: women don't all want to be given the whole 'superior mistress' treatment all the time. When I started my latest job, I made a point of course of kissing the ground in front of all female co-workers whenever I first encountered them each day. I thought I was being polite, but it seems some of them found it quite disturbing – they couldn't even bring themselves to tell me about it, poor embarassed things. I only discovered there'd been complaints when I learnt I'd beeen sentenced to a public office caning on no fewer than five counts.

  5. That's the wonder of working in a Female Supremacist environment. The Womyn know what is wrong and its up to you as a male to anticipate what it might be. Femsup

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