Liasons dangereuses

Urban foxes maybe?  We used to have urban foxes, round where I lived in London. They used to steal so many things: shoes, certainly.  They’d even take the panties and bras off the clothes lines of my neighbours…   Yeah.   Nasty little beasts. Agile too, to leap up high enough to reach the clothes line.

No, no: don’t get up.

Actually, it’s not quite true that she doesn’t care about your feelings.  Truth be told, she enjoys the thought of your misery.  But she’s too kind to admit it.

That’ll teach her.

It’s a pretty effect, isn’t it?  Makes a change from the usual striping.

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  1. oh forgot to ask (beg reallY), could we please see a Lockdown inspired Raoul caption or two please. I am pretty sure he will not be letting such a small thing spoil his fun / optimizing the situation for his and her pleasures (not ours of course!)

  2. I really don't understand the writer's problem. My sexual needs are very rarely met, in the relationship I am lucky enough to have imposed upon me – often not for months at a time. Indeed, that's part of the point. I hope the young man who wrote about that gets his priorities firmly sorted out before too long.

    But thank you for posting it!


  3. I'll see what I can do. Contrary to what you seem to imagine, Raoul's actually found the whole lockdown thing quite trying. He is nothing if not socially-responsible, though, and although he hasn't always been able to limit his social contacts quite as much as the official advice would suggest, he always nowadays insists on my performing a thorough 'deep cleaning' exercise whenever he has been in close contact with another human being.

    He has a lot of pent-up energy, and it has been difficult at times, but of course I can't complain.

    Could be another lockdown post on the way fairly soon, but I need a few more… Look out for 'The Thing' in the tags, anyways.

    Best wishes, kajirus. Nadu position, now, please.


  4. He does. It makes him very popular with the ladies, as the captioned image shows. He's very lucky, I think.

    Best wishes


  5. you know your Gorean then ­čÖé
    now if you did a Gorean femdom theme set of captions, this little nub of a sub would be tripping for ever more!

  6. I don't really, to be honest, I just recognised the 'kajir' prefix and went off and looked up some positions. I have every respect for Goreans, I guess, but it's all too unrealistic for me. Females subordinate to males? I like to read science fiction and other works of imagination, but that's just a step too far for me.

    But I'll see if I can manage something within the general theme of this blog, some time. 'Overweight balding submissive fetishists of Gor', perhaps…

  7. not overweight no, male slaves, or kajirus, get fed gruel in the feed troughs if they are lucky but more than likely it is the same nutritious dry feed pellets and water, the rest of the livestock get. (NB: predominately the books are maledom, there are Panther Girls and Free Women and Ubara's who keep male slaves in the books)

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