Secondary sex characteristics

In case you’re wondering about the title, that’s the term used in biology for aspects of sex determination other than genitalia.  So, for example, typical male secondary sex characteristics are incompetence, laziness and servility, while typical female ones include divinity, firmness and unapproachability.  Secondary sexual characteristics can be particularly useful when the primary sexual characteristics are missing or too small to see.

Many people find such labelling unduly restrictive in these days of gender fluidity.  I asked my SO what she thought my main sex characteristics were and she just looked puzzled and said she couldn’t think of any.  So there’s hope for the world.

And soon he’ll have a lot.

Mistress Eleise, of course, who has more sexual characteristics than one could list in one hundred blog posts and even managed to retain her poise and grace on several occasions when her Paris apartment was flooded with an inundation of raw, untreated Servitor.

If you do everything she says voluntarily then you don’t get whipped – so where’s the compulsion in that?

Even in exile,  the OWK ladies still speak fondly of the ‘Great Slave Rebellion, though the OWK itself is no more.  There are rumours that the perpetrators are still imprisoned in cells deep beneath the grounds of the former utopia. An unlikely story, true, but they must be somewhere.

Welcome to Plan A.

Balloons?  Anime cosplay?

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  1. What is Woman to do. Men are so inefficient in making a Woman orgasm that She HAS to turn to other methods to get satisfaction. Femsup

  2. Indeed. To be fair, women can sometimes be quite inefficient at making males orgasm, too. It usually takes my SO months.

    Best wishes


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