Yes, just imagine how awful that would be. But don’t imagine too hard, or the spikes might start digging in painfully. Oh – too late? Sorry.
It’s amazing how modern technology can take the drudgery out of life but to a sufficiently determined woman, there’s still plenty of drudgery to be found.
I expect it’ll turn up eventually… and while it’s missing, you might even find out you could have done without it all along. It’s often that way.
Oh dear. And her feet too! Sigh. Scurry.
Don’t be so selfish – or possessive. In fact, it’s probably a good idea to get out of that last habit, now you don’t have possessions.

Girlish brutality

Speaking of which, I thought I’d just share with a little thing that happened to me yesterday – in real life, I mean, not ‘Servitor’ life.

So I was leaving Starbucks (in Paris) and there was this young woman coming in, so I held the door open for her and vaguely smiled as she went past, as you do.  And you know, she didn’t acknowledge me?  Not even a nod, just strode through, head held high, ignoring me as if I were merely part of the furniture.

I mean, can you believe some people?

I thought about that all day.  Wonderful!  What bliss it is to be alive, and all that.

Anyway, true story.  Now on with the stuff that isn’t.

Subsequently twice married to a billionaire, this one. Not bad, is it? The same billionaire twice, I mean, not two billionaires.  I don’t suppose he got the hockey stick treatment… but you never know, he might have done.

Don’t forget to include a little gift (or, better, a large one) in your thank-you email, so she’ll know you mean it.

Mistress is cleverer than you.  Do try to remember that, OK sweetie?  I know it’s not easy, remembering stuff.



He still screams of course – in fact, these days he often starts screaming before they even start, as he knows what’s coming.  But it’s lost that element of surprise, that’s all she’s saying. Time for a bit of a change.

The very idea!  He’s got a lot to learn.

Contemptuous liaisons


Looks like only one person in this relationship is making any effort.  That’s not a formula for long-term happiness.



Why are so many women so imprecise when it comes to numbers?  They say things like “only for a few hours” , “in a few weeks’ time”, “a few dozen, and then maybe the same on your thighs”…  when did ‘few’ start to have such painful connotations?




She’s a perfectionist.  I hope you are, too.




The teddy bear is only a temporary expedient while she buys you a blow-up sex doll.  She’s just trying to choose between the ‘Sven’ and ‘Muscle Man’ models.


She makes a compelling argument, you have to admit.







Keeping it real

More images of female domination that aim to expose the harsh – sometimes even bleak – reality that underlies our harsh – sometimes even bleak – fantasy world.

Subs are all about rules.  It’s good of dommes to indulge us. I don’t know what I’d do with myself without my chastity regime, for example.

Fake lesbian crap?  On this blog? Surely not.

We would not.

…and I suppose it would be exciting to imagine that she’d be sitting on him, too.  But her fantasy is probably more along the lines of her sitting somewhere else entirely – a nice cafe, for instance – properly dressed.


The day she bought the cane

And you know I feel no sorrow.  (Warning: video is SFW and unrelated).

Sounds like there’s a good mutual understanding here of what’s important in the relationship.

Sequentially or concurrently?
I dunno… when I do a schoolboy session I can barely concentrate on maths enough to count to six.  Which is unfortunate, because I usually have to do that quite a lot.

Raoul likes to take his time over things. Not like me – I’m very quick to get things finished, if I’m given the chance.

She used to be a dominatrix – the pay was better but there’s so much more job satisfaction this way.

Isn’t that a lovely spanking bench, by the way? Ages since we featured one of those here.

Penalty and repentance


They are – and not just the food.  The sex will be longer, more satisfying and 100% female, too.
You get a special decoration too.  Not a medal.  Just… decoration.
Sometimes a question isn’t really a question.
It’s always difficult arriving as a substitute teacher, in the middle of the school year.  But just do your best.  Maybe Mr Harris will turn up again – he must be somewhere, after all.
Perpetuity is quite a long time.  It might feel even longer.

I see angels

Now, I may be mad.  But that doesn’t mean I’m not right.

Well, I rather think I’ll notice!  But does she care what I think?  Hmph. If I wasn’t in direct contact with electrodes under her control, I’d give her a piece of my mind, I can tell you!

And soon to be more like him still.
Oh yes, much more attractive. Don’t worry about that.
Just one of those little habits you have to break when you’re married – you know, like speaking when you’re not spoken to, that kind of thing. You’ll learn.
Damn.  I’m beginning to hate that coin. Maybe I can persuade her to use a different one, next time.

Mistress Eleise, looking lovely.  For more pictures of Mistress Eleise looking lovely, try here.  For pictures of Mistress Eleise not looking lovely, you could, erm…. well, you could try here, I suppose.

Although none of this resolves the more fundamental question of how to pronounce her name.  El-AYE-za or El-EE-sa?  I dunno, even though I have had some wonderful sessions with her (obviously, I always called her “Mistress”).  Anyone know?

Would you lace my shoe?


I think she might secretly be seeing another man. That or she’s engaged a cleaning service. Bad news, either way.

But I don’t have speaking privileges with Kate just now.  This doesn’t seem fair…

Maybe you could be more specific, next time you’re feeling horny – in about three weeks’ time or so.

I think teenagers should take on responsibilities – for household chores, for example. My step-daughter’s been supervising the way I clean her room and make her bed for over a year now, and she’s done a really thorough job.  We’re thinking of giving her responsibility for the way I do her laundry and ironing too.

Amen. The original of course is here.

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