I see angels

Now, I may be mad.  But that doesn’t mean I’m not right.

Well, I rather think I’ll notice!  But does she care what I think?  Hmph. If I wasn’t in direct contact with electrodes under her control, I’d give her a piece of my mind, I can tell you!

And soon to be more like him still.
Oh yes, much more attractive. Don’t worry about that.
Just one of those little habits you have to break when you’re married – you know, like speaking when you’re not spoken to, that kind of thing. You’ll learn.
Damn.  I’m beginning to hate that coin. Maybe I can persuade her to use a different one, next time.

Mistress Eleise, looking lovely.  For more pictures of Mistress Eleise looking lovely, try here.  For pictures of Mistress Eleise not looking lovely, you could, erm…. well, you could try here, I suppose.

Although none of this resolves the more fundamental question of how to pronounce her name.  El-AYE-za or El-EE-sa?  I dunno, even though I have had some wonderful sessions with her (obviously, I always called her “Mistress”).  Anyone know?

0 thoughts on “I see angels”

  1. Something looked familiar about "Weekly Coin". Back almost exactly 3 years ago, you posted another Mistress Elise from the same photo set. According to Elise's Rules, you may be in trouble. ­čśë

  2. If I get in trouble, Ralph, I'm telling her straight away about your spelling her name wrong. Twice, so don't try to claim it was a typo.

    Perhaps we'd better both just agree to keep quiet about this and not tell her, hmm?
    Might be considerably less painful all round.


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