Despite all the amputations

… you know Her life was saved by rock and roll?

He’s already made his wish. In fact, he’s still fervently making it.  But it’s not going to come true.
 The wonderful, lovely, powerful, stunning, brilliant and creative Mistress Eleise.  And Someone else I don’t know but will be happy to credit.


That’s just silly.  You can’t hypnotise someone into doing something they really don’t want to do.  So you’ll be fine. As long as she doesn’t actually want to do it. Yeah.

I hope he wears a crisp white uniform.

She really enjoys her job.  She meets people from all walks of life… gets to torture them… the look of terror on the faces of those who’ve experienced her treatments before makes it all worth while, you know?

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  1. Another wonderfully horrible idea – your dentist caption. It doesn't help that the photograph looks almost exactly like the new dentist I saw for the first time just last week. I had been expecting my usual male dentist, but was assigned to this beautiful young woman instead. To someone like me – with an extreme submissive/masochist streak but also with "normal" red-blooded male desires – that was a challenging enough situation anyway. Now that your caption is imprinted in my brain, I will be feeling very weak-kneed when I turn up for my next check-up. Thank you again for the further nightmares – I've only just got over the shark ones!

  2. Well, I guess I'm just a very horrible person. Wish my dentist looked like that.

    By the way – just so you know and to avoid any accidental nightmares – if that kind of cruelty scares you, you really don't want to read any of my 'Serena and Alice' stories. Honestly: you wouldn't sleep for a month and you don't want that. Just avoid clicking on 'Serena' in the word cloud and you'll be fine.

  3. Firstly "also" sounds like an addition but it should be every red blooded males destiny and position to be submissive even if not masochistic. And red blooded it will often be all males red blood. Except for swallowing women's menstruation though.

    I heard that a number of police women were becoming dentist and removing teeth with hob nailed boots and truntions. Femsup

  4. Oh, I'm sure that can' be true, Femsup. Policewomen in this country are held to the strictest standards of behaviour and mistreatment of prisoners is simply not tolerated. Not even for males suspected of sexist behaviour, when the officers concerned must be sorely tempted.

    And there isn't any nonsense about suspects 'acidentally falling downstairs' either. People don't lose teeth 'falling downstairs'. No: when people fall downstairs, they often sustain very severe bruising to their buttocks, obviously, that's only natural, especially if they were unlucky enough to descend several flights of stairs, bumping their bottoms on each one of them. Twice. And of course, occasionally the officers are kind enough to allow prisoners the occasional cigarette – and it's hardly their fault if the idiot criminals choose to stub them out on their own genitals, is it? Oh – and the electrical wiring in those cells is shocking – quite literally – especially when the cells are full of water as is regrettably so often the case in these times of austerity.

    But police brutality? By our fine WPCs? Never.

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