Wise women

…and the unwise men they look after.


Mmm?  Oh.. yeah, sure.




Ladies!  An object lesson in the importance of not having too much removed when your submissive goes in for an operation.




For such a powerful, self-confident lady, she has surprisingly narrow limits.

A few days later, when he was fully recovered, they gave him the eleven Tic-Tacs he won over the course of the evening.  What – did you think they were lying to him? No: they play fair.



My domme takes schoolboy sessions so seriously that she makes me take GCSE exams.  Usually, I do OK, although anything worse than a B can be quite painful.    Last year, though, because of Covid, grades were awarded on the teacher’s assessment of competence, so I was barely able to walk after receiving my ‘results’.

Ghastly perversions


She finds she meets interesting people when she walks you in the park.  And tedious but enslaveable ones too.



She’s a very spiritual person, as you can tell.

I don’t know what the bad things were in my brain that the doctor removed but there must have been a lot of them, because it’s very empty now.  Thank goodness I have a loving wife to remember things for me.


The taste of ‘shut the fuck up’ will always be associated for me with the sharp, painful feeling of ‘because I say so’.



Or he won’t.  Whatever.

Lip service

There are lots of things submissives know about that ‘ordinary people’ don’t.  It’s an odd thought, but most people have never been peed on, for instance (by an adult, anyway). 

Oh, well if David wants me serving canapes then of course we’d better go!  Sigh.  David this, David that… honestly, one day I’m really going to have to set some boundaries in this relationship. But not today. What do you think? I favour the one on the left…

She said stare at the ground, moron.
Erm… yeah, the ironing.  About that…

Brain damage play can be a lot of fun, but you need to make sure you pick short and simple words to use as safewords.

Contemplating the Devine

Impressively, one of the top search terms from visitors to this blog is a spelling mistake.  So this is a special post to celebrate the tens of thousands of pageviews by ‘readers’ who cannot spell the word ‘divine’. 

Welcome, guys (I think we can safely assume the gender balance of this particular sample swings heavily male). Just thought I should give you a shout out…you’ve been slowly typing the wrong word into Google for so many years now.  Yay!  Morons.

I’m aware of course that many of my ‘readers’ may not be native English speakers, so calling these people morons is unnecessarily insulting and might not be entirely fair.  But – DUH! – this is a blog for males who enjoy being unnecesarily insulted and treated unfairly – remember?  Morons.

Hey, guys, you know you should try booking a schoolboy session with one of those severe English schoolteacher dommes some time?  You’d be really good at it. Take some cold cream for the journey home.  

On with the devine imiges…

Oooh!  ‘Not as bad as it just conceivably might have been’?  Wow, that’s the nicest thing any woman’s ever said to me after sex.  Usually, they just say something along the lines of “Sorry – would you mind moving a bit further down the carriage?”. which I find very hurtful.

Males don’t really need lobotomies, truth be told.  Still, if it makes the little woman happy, you might as well let her have her way, hmm?

In the end, she just went for a more direct approach.



Evil women doing horrible things to men

(I read somewhere that blog posts should have clear, factual titles to attract traffic.  And what could be more attractive than that title?)

Not that it really matters how he reacts, once the padlock’s on.


It’s often the simple things we men find most difficult.


Hmmm.  “If you didn’t want X, you shouldn’t have Y”.  Can’t think where I read that before, Servitor.


Well, I think it’s sweet.  In a slightly psychotic kind of way.


Yup.  Crying’s good.  Also screaming in frustration.  It all helps pass the time.  Actually, the chap pictured behind her there just squats down all day, gently rocking backwards and forwards and moaning in a steady rhythm.  Hey – it gets him through the day, you know?

Taking responsibility

Mr Carter?

Oh – you prefer “Billie”?  OK – hi Billie.

I don’t know if you remember me?  I’m your anaesthetist.

Anaesthetist.  Do you know what an anaesthetist is?

No?  Well – do you remember before you went to sleep?  You were on a trolley, and you went off to surgery?  Big room… lots of medical equipment?

That’s right!  I’m the one who talked to you just before you went to sleep!

‘The pretty one’?  Oh, am I?  That’s a nice thing to say!

Well, anyway, I just wanted to be the first to let you know, that there was a little bit of a problem, while you were asleep.  I did a silly thing.  I might have given you just a bit too much gas.  And of the wrong sort.  So –

No, not like the gas they put in balloons.  Well, maybe a bit like that, but –

No, you’re not going to blow up like a balloon.  These were gases that affect your brain.


Yes, you do have a brain.  Everyone has a brain.  It’s where you do your thinking!

Are you?  Thinking about me, and how pretty I am?  What – right now?  How sweet.  But don’t touch yourself down there, Billie, OK?  It’s not nice.

Anyway, you see, I gave you a bit too much of some of the gas.  And it’s made your brain go a bit funny.  You’re going to find thinking a bit harder from now on, that’s all.

Well, yes, I suppose it is still easy to think about how pretty I am.  Aren’t you sweet?  But do you remember what we said about not touching yourself down there?  Right.

Look, anyway, I’ve got a piece of paper here, you see?  It says ‘waiver’ on the top?

No, it’s not for waving.  It’s for signing.  You see?  There – where it says ‘William Carter’.  That’s where you sign your name. 

Yes, I know you can’t remember how to sign.  But if you take the pen – no, other way round, that’s right – and then put the pointy end onto the paper, there might be some residual autonomic motor functions, that –

Well, never mind what all that means, Billie, just SIGN THE FUCKING DOCUMENT!

That’s good.  Very good.  Oh thank God for that.

Oh – don’t cry.  I’m sorry I got cross, OK?

Let me just put this document somewhere very safe.

Listen, Billie, I think it’s probably best if you don’t go home on your own, OK?

Really?  Oh.  It’s worse than I thought.  Yes, well if you can’t remember where it is, I suppose it’s even more important that you go and live somewhere else.

I was thinking… would you like to come and live with me?  And my friend Julie.  You could help clean up around the apartment, and maybe –

Is she as pretty as me?  Well, I suppose she is.  She’s quite a lot taller than me… and very strong.  But she doesn’t like men very much, so perhaps at first you should be a bit careful around her.

Billie!  What did we say about touching yourself down there?  If you do that again, I’ll be really cross, and I’ll…um…

What’s that?  Don’t mumble!

‘Smack your bottom’?  Well, yes, I probably will smack your bottom.  So don’t do it, OK?  Or I’ll smack your bottom.  Really hard.

I think I’m going to get something to stop you touching it, unless I say so, all right?  That’ll help a bit with Julie, too.

So – do you want to come and live with me and Julie?  That’s great. In that case, you just need to sign another document –

– here –

oh clever you!  You remembered to use the pointy end!

 I think you’ll be very happy living with us. As long as you do everything you’re told, OK?  Or else, I’ll have to –

– that’s right!  Smack your bottom!  And –

err…, no Julie probably won’t smack your bottom.  Well, I dunno, she might.  But she’d probably do something much worse.  Really, you do not want to annoy Julie.  OK?  She can get very cross, and I think she might hurt you if she does.

And Julie might be annoyed at first about you coming to live with us.  But I’ll talk to her about it, OK?  It was my fault you got so much of the gas that stops you thinking, so I thought I should take responsibility. And if you stay in my apartment all the time, maybe no one will ask any questions about you either.  I think Julie will understand.

Hmm?  Well, I’m not surprised you don’t understand.  Not after that dose.  It’s surprising you have any functioning brain cells left.  (Sigh)  Well, don’t worry.  I’m going to be doing all your thinking for you from now, OK?  You just have to do everything I say.

Right, come on then.  I think we can just go right away – my car’s in the parking lot downstairs.

No, you don’t need any special clothes.  Your gown’s fine.

Oh yes, don’t worry about that.  I’ll say goodbye to the nurses for you, OK?  Actually, it’s a bit of a secret you’re coming to live with me!  Isn’t that exciting?  Can you keep a secret?  Great.  Well, just don’t say anything to anyone on the way out, OK?

Then once you’re in my apartment, I’ll make sure you can’t accidentally wander off and get lost, OK?

I don’t know – some sort of leash, I expect.

Come on. 


Welcome home, Billie

Come closer honey that’s better…

A favourite line… She presents a gardening programme on BBC nowadays.  Strange but true.

OK, now more of this:

OWK pony playtime
She has a great sense of humour, Mdame Sarka.  I’ve commented ont his before, I think.

Cheerleader humiliation yum
Actually, Brad’ll be spanking you anyway, as part of the performance.  But there’s time enough to find that out later, when you’re in your cute little outfit.

Forced bi eventually
Edward certainly is, after all.

Heels and palms
The stigmata help you contemplate the divine.

Medical femdom gone mad
Of copurse, it’s not quite at the same time.  I think the castration’s first.  So if you really hate it – don’t worry. A bit later on, maybe you’ll be losing those bits of your brain that hold the memories.


Feral males can be such a nuisance, especially in urban areas, don’t you think?  These ladies could sort all that out.

Femdom military discipline no less
The ladies in the picture do actually seem to be carrying canes.  Isn’t that great?  swords.  Not canes, swords.  Oh well..maybe a quick 20 with the flat… hmmm?

This is the Chilean army according to the divine Ms Ayesha, so there we are.  Chile.  Long and thin.  Very much so.  I’ll admit I don’t know much else about Chile… but I know what I like.

A bleak lonely and miserable caption about kinky sex
If he only realised it, the triple whipping he gets occasionally is for his wedding anniversary.  But men – they always forget, don’t they?

Lobotomised for love of a woman
I think it’s a bit cruel. It’s not as if most men have that many brain cells to begin with.

Dominatrices keep you guessing
Of course, she doesn’t use spurs and riding whip.  Not on a pony.

Chastity cuckold honeymoon stuff
Easy for her to say.  She didn’t have to spend the night sleeping in the hotel corridor.

Please, sorry and thank you

Oh please, oh please, no more, I can’t, I just can’t…I’m sorry!  I’m so, so sorry, and I –


Thank you, Sarah!  Thank you for beating me!

Oh no, oh please, please Sarah, for pity’s sake don’t, I…


Three little words.  But so important, don’t you think?

Consensual lobotomy
Fortunately, some important brain functions remain completely unharmed – the pain receptors, for example.

Simply beaten
No imagination.  You’d think she’d get bored with it after the thirtieth blow, the thirtieth desperate shriek, the thirtieth angry weal of brutalised flesh.  But no…

She looks so unhappy!  Dommes shouldn’t be unhappy.  Still, they can always ensure they’re not the unhappiest person in the room.

Domme willpower
Wow.  You could be getting a multiple orgasm here – more than once in one year, that is.

Big penis humiliation
It’s a perfect match.  He likes eating food, but he’s no good at cookery.  He likes to look smart but he hates ironing.  He gets quite moody, and sometimes you need a good kicking.  Made for each other.

Crush fetish right here right now
Later she bought the movie, but it was all a bit disappointing.  He was just one of quite a few actors in it.  There is one scene when you catch a glimpse of his face, screaming in terror, but it’s only for a second or so, then a boot gets in the way and the screaming abruptly stops.  Later on, there’s a longer shot of something being scraped into a waste disposal unit, and she thought that was probably him, but it was very hard to be sure.
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