Contemplating the Devine

Impressively, one of the top search terms from visitors to this blog is a spelling mistake.  So this is a special post to celebrate the tens of thousands of pageviews by ‘readers’ who cannot spell the word ‘divine’. 

Welcome, guys (I think we can safely assume the gender balance of this particular sample swings heavily male). Just thought I should give you a shout out…you’ve been slowly typing the wrong word into Google for so many years now.  Yay!  Morons.

I’m aware of course that many of my ‘readers’ may not be native English speakers, so calling these people morons is unnecessarily insulting and might not be entirely fair.  But – DUH! – this is a blog for males who enjoy being unnecesarily insulted and treated unfairly – remember?  Morons.

Hey, guys, you know you should try booking a schoolboy session with one of those severe English schoolteacher dommes some time?  You’d be really good at it. Take some cold cream for the journey home.  

On with the devine imiges…

Oooh!  ‘Not as bad as it just conceivably might have been’?  Wow, that’s the nicest thing any woman’s ever said to me after sex.  Usually, they just say something along the lines of “Sorry – would you mind moving a bit further down the carriage?”. which I find very hurtful.

Males don’t really need lobotomies, truth be told.  Still, if it makes the little woman happy, you might as well let her have her way, hmm?

In the end, she just went for a more direct approach.



0 thoughts on “Contemplating the Devine”

  1. my these are too hot, great to end on Gadot!

    but very word about this World Cup can have a terrible effect on males behaviour, why it's even allowed I don't know I hope President Anne bans it, if your wife lets you watch it she doesn't love you!


  2. Thank you. You've probably worked it out for yourself, but just click on'whimpering in adoration' for more of Ms Gadot.

    I completely agree about the World Cup. My SO's planning to host a World Cup party for all her boyfriends, actually. I am allowed to watch, but I'm sure I'll be too busy handing out nibbles, beer and condoms all evening, not to mention cleaning up all the mess they're likely to make. Men, eh? I don't know what she sees in them.

  3. And he won't need them in his work in the Ladies toilet where she is speaking to him. His sexual harassment? Using his tongue in a sexual way when he should have been concentrating on cleaning the last of the golden from a user of the cubicle. Femsup

  4. Lobotomies the new weapon in Woemn's armoury. But why do they need it they are all ready so far ahead of us. Femsup

  5. I wonder if Female supermacy was the 2nd most mistaken use of the English language here. Femsup

  6. Sexual harrassment can take many forms. It's simpler to remove the root cause than to worry too much about the legal niceties of guilt and innocence.

  7. Oh, I entirely agree. So little IQ already, why take any of it out? But They know best.

    It's important not to cut out any bits of the male brain dealing with Emotional Intelligence, though, as most males' EQ levels are already well below 20. Fortunately the chances of a random slip of the scalpel finding and detaching such a small cerebral fold are very slight.

  8. I try and do my best. It is only right that we make an effort as you do so much to keep us happy. Femsup

  9. Would love to have a Domme get me committed and have me undergo ECT and lobotomy…..maybe after she takes me home as her slave, or maybe leaves me there while she takes all my property, income, and retirement income.

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