Ladies who leash

Seven days in already, so counting down the  days from 21 that’s only 14 to go? Or 83 if it’s 90.  Whatever.

Oh, I think – with all due respect – Madame Sarka is being unduly harsh on English, here.  But then, she’s really good at being unduly harsh.

Actually, the taste depends a lot more on what it had to eat a few hours earlier.

Sometimes she fills the bag with ice, so as he’s sweating in the heat there, he gets some lovely cool drips of water. Usually, though, she doesn’t.

I’m not worried. Just terrified.

0 thoughts on “Ladies who leash”

  1. The branding one super scary!

    Oceans 8 was really good all the ladies were so boss and sexy and male humiliation and femdom tones were clear

    please no more films with men as heroes!


  2. Thank you, Alex.

    I think.

    You know, it's just possible that Google Translate might have let you down on that one.

    But it's always good to see you.


  3. Yes, very much looking forward to Ocean's 1 + 7 other wonderful ladies. Still haven't seen it.

    I think it's OK to make movies with men as heroes. I think there's even a taste for that sort of weird, twisted stuff… you can go to seedy video-booth places to watch it, as I understand. It's a bit sad, the way some people are, but I suppose they're just born that way.

  4. I'm afraid not. But it has a certain poetic beauty to it. Maybe it will catch on and you will be famous as the inventor of the phrase!

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