I always try to be.

You could try combining the two?

She should really increase your housekeeping allowance, you know.  I think you should take a stand on this.  Be a man, you know?

Just a joke, OK?  If you’re religious at all, please be reassured that I have the utmost respect for all religions.  I uphold your right to worship your god, whatever you call Her.

She’s really making an effort to satisfy your fetish here.

Hmm.  Looks like they didn’t read my email about my likes and dislikes in session.  The corset is supposed to stay on.  Plus, I’m pretty sure I didn’t request the whole plastic sheeting, knives and blood thing. I’ll have to have a word.

0 thoughts on “Pertinent”

  1. trusted to get money out of his wife's handbag! that's a model marriage

    really concerned that all these unsupervised men in bars durng the so called world cup are fronts for mens lib meet ups, their reaction to my mentioning that The Devil Wears Prada was on another channel and we couldmaybe give sport a break suggested massive toxic masculinity


  2. That's all right, FCV. There's a subliminal signal being broadcast during all World Cup matches, I understand. Just wait until the tournament's over and the activation signal is broadcast… that toxic masculinity is due for a big clean-up.

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