Beneath contempt

… but I’m working my way up and maybe one day.

Or both?

I think she’s going to bring a lot to the team.

Hmmm. That interview reminds me of something. Oh yes.

It’s great that she’s actually going to shoot me, because I’m terrible at pretending. If I wasn’t screaming in actual agony, it wouldn’t be convincing at all. Women – they think of everything, huh?

Don’t worry, it doesn’t control your brain or anything like that. It’s just a way of improving the feedback loop between disobedient thoughts and unpleasant consequences.

0 thoughts on “Beneath contempt”

  1. Ah, very good. You know, I'm actually in that picture. I'm in the third oubliette from the left. I don't know why they call them that, as I certainly haven't forgotten, even if She has.

  2. Fire or file and forget. No upkeep not even temperature. And of course no water or food. Only need water to flush out the mess made by the male. That after a few days isn't much as all the food and water within him will have come out by then. Even with recycling his own wastes it will get less and less. Femsup

  3. You can see the twitching of the face and the wincing of the male interviewer. Something that wouldn't be in a matriarchy in the future. The rapt attention of the interviewer of the superior sex is also notable. What a very complete and satisfying resume. Just because it is mostly about hurting men's testicles does not disqualify her from the job. Femsup

  4. I understand the two interviewers disagreed about whether her apparent obsession with hurting men's testicles was a drawback or a net positive. So they had to agree to disagree on that, but on her other qualifications she was a definite 'yes' so in the end it didn't matter much. Sometimes a candidate walks in who is obviously exactly what you need in the team, even if you didn't realise that before, you know?

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