Nasty and inaccurate prophecies

After a while, though, most wives get a little bored with vanilla apologies and want to spice things up with ever more elaborate contrition scenarios. Still, it’s usually best to humour them, in my worthless opinion.
Remember: serious findommes will always work within a carefully-negotiated framework of consent, so it’s probably more fun to play with the frivolous ones who’ll just drain your finances without a second thought and gleefully leave you penniless and lovesick in the gutter with your life in ruins.
It’s certainly true that it’s less painful for your back than other things she can do – and probably will, when she returns home.
She’s started a collection. It’s good to have a hobby.
You might worry that they’d get into trouble with animal protection groups, but they checked with PETA and all the rest, and apparently they were fine with it, once the whole concept had been properly explained.
He’s often mistaken about things. Just the other day, he told her he really needed an orgasm, but it turned out he didn’t, not really, just as she’d predicted.

Oral displeasure

I think it’s only fair to point out that this young lady has actually signed a Mistress-Slave agreement ruling out any humiliating D/S play in public.  But not with you.  Go on – don’t keep her waiting.




Or she could put yet another hood over that one.  My SO loves to wrap me in layer after layer of latex hood and we play ‘find the air-hole’, which is a bit like ‘pass the parcel’ but with a strict time limit.




Your feelings do matter, obviously.  Just not to her.  Or Daniel.



It’ll be fine.  Dr Franley’s patients rarely complain.


Don’t get into one of those Mars/Venus misunderstandings by interpreting her words literally, OK?  I mean, she wants a present tomorrow too, obviously.







Brutal loving care

Silly, really, to get rid of stock that’s hardly even damaged, but that’s their policy.

Often, when smokers give up, they undertake some symbolic act of renunciation: crushing the cigarette pack beneath their shoes, for example, or just throwing it onto a fire.  Something like that might be worth trying too, to make clear all that nonsense is in your past, now.

Not sure about the colour swatches, though. I think the traditional dark grey is still best.
I expect they just didn’t get the original joke.  Try explaining it more slowly.

And they say porn doesn’t really cause any harm…

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