Nasty and inaccurate prophecies

After a while, though, most wives get a little bored with vanilla apologies and want to spice things up with ever more elaborate contrition scenarios. Still, it’s usually best to humour them, in my worthless opinion.
Remember: serious findommes will always work within a carefully-negotiated framework of consent, so it’s probably more fun to play with the frivolous ones who’ll just drain your finances without a second thought and gleefully leave you penniless and lovesick in the gutter with your life in ruins.
It’s certainly true that it’s less painful for your back than other things she can do – and probably will, when she returns home.
She’s started a collection. It’s good to have a hobby.
You might worry that they’d get into trouble with animal protection groups, but they checked with PETA and all the rest, and apparently they were fine with it, once the whole concept had been properly explained.
He’s often mistaken about things. Just the other day, he told her he really needed an orgasm, but it turned out he didn’t, not really, just as she’d predicted.

17 thoughts on “Nasty and inaccurate prophecies”

  1. It had been 6 months since Simon and had been taken, enough time for him to be joined by the old judge, his lawyer, his old boss and a man he learned was her ex-boyfriend. It was also enough time to realize no one was coming for him.

    It seems the trial had caught the attention of a group of women with a keen interest in fixing male behaviour, they had been all too happy to organize the disappearance of everyone involved.

    She proved to be a vengeful mistress, she still worked during the week, having now taken the open position left by the fat pasty middle aged man that knelt, naked and shivering nearby. He had been taken with the full support of his wife, and the mistress often expressed annoyance that she couldn’t do anything permanent to him without permission.

    On the days she worked, the men were given challenges, Mondays and Fridays were edging days, they were left in milking machines, set to turn on at random intervals but never enough to let them finish. Tuesday was toilet training day, the mistress had gotten a new girlfriend, and she was independently rather wealthy from a court settlement, she and some of organization members would use the men as toilets, but the men themselves were denied their morning toilet break, and if they pissed themselves they were beaten, the old judge had defecated one time and they made him eat it, after the Simon was sure they spiked the gruel they were fed with laxatives and diuretics sometimes. Wednesday was fitness day, again the new lady of the house and some enforcers ran the men ragged on treadmills, they weren’t fed on fitness day, “The point is to make you less of a fat pig” was the explanation. Thursday was one of the mistresses non weekend days off, and it was “submission day”. Ball busting, caning, stress positions, anything the men didn’t like carried out by the mistress and her new love.

    Weekends were different, on the weekends they had a chance to earn “points”. They got them by being rented out to the organization members, they could have them do anything, and since payment was abstract they could choose to give almost nothing in exchange. It was 200 points for an orgasm,100 for some real food,50 a night for a sleeping bag in the winter, Simon started at -500, after all he was the reason for all this.

    They would share horror stories at night in the cage, the lawyer apparently had a skilled tongue, and made out quite well, unfortunately for him a few of the women decided to get a gay friend of theirs involved, and so he spent many of his weekends playing the part of a “willing” prostitute.

    The judge often wasn’t hired at all, left all day in an awful stress position only to be picked out to be beaten senseless for a point or two.

    The boss went to his wife usually, she apparently had him do housework, and had strangely chosen to remain faithful, so she had him eat her out or use a strap-on around his caged and straining cock.
    Simon and the mistresses ex usually stayed with the mistress.

    She would beat them, make them clean her house, work the garden, sometimes it would be practical, other times just cruelty, it didn’t matter, they were told they didn’t get points, since they were monitored by the mistress herself she would decide if they ever earned privileges. Simon usually went back to the cage at night, but they made her ex sit near the foot of their bed and stroke himself while they made love.

    He got a point for every 10 edges, and the one time he didn’t stop himself he lost 300 points and had his balls kicked about for hours.

    1. Lot of grammar and spelling errors in this sorry, it’s what I get for phone posting

      1. No problem, all tidied up now. Many thanks for your lovely, brutal and unpleasant little tale – something there for all of us to ponder this festive season!

        Best wishes


      1. Oh, I’m sure they’re living the lives they deserve, and anyway if their suffering gives someone else pleasure who’s to say there’s anything wrong in it?

        Best wishes


  2. In old country masculinity rules and women are subservient and frigid.
    In new country women’s sexuality and femininity rules, especially with younger people.
    In fact here a female friend told me that she felt very empowered in making a man offer up his balls to her. And when she took his manhood, she felt very intoxicated with her sexuality and womanhood. She still feels high years later. She firmly feels men exist to please her in any way she wants and uses her female power over men accordingly.
    She enjoys having an eunuch as a friend.

    1. Splendid. I imagine the change-over happens on the ships crossing from the old to the new – a man might start in a First Class cabin, but arrive down in the cargo hold, hmm?

      Best wishes


  3. 1st caption: She might just spice things up and add a hefty vibrating strapon. His rear end will be worked over a good amount. Or maybe she’ll hang him on a rack by his undies and beat him with a paddle. Give him a good wedgie. Lots of things his wife can do.

    3rd caption: His wife was clear. He leaves the house without her permission one more time, she’ll tie him up. Males don’t listen you know.

    6th caption: He doesn’t need that much food anyway since he’s such a small guy. She prefers to keep him that way. Makes it easier to keep him under her firm control and subdue him if he tries something silly, like raise a hand to her, or heaven forbid run away.

    1. Males just need physical reinforcement of any instructions they are given, being bad at abstract thought. Or indeed any thought. Hog-tying a male for leaving the house without permission is a very direct way of getting the message across. Plus, for the slowest learners, simple restraints that allow chores to be carried out, withing a confined space, can achieve the desired goal even if the silly boy never does understand why.

      Good to have you back.

      Best wishes


      1. Mr A: indeed. It’s ultimately crueller to treat a male in training with too much kindness, a point I have occasionally suggested to my SO, sadly without any success thus far.

        Best wishes


  4. Caption 6 I’s quite normal.
    I always choose what my boyfriend eats, at restaurants and at home.
    For example he drinks protein shake, to gain muscle. It has many flavours to choose and he has to drink the one he found more disgusting.

  5. His first obligation ,as my boyfriend,is to be sexy.
    In one hand, sexy for me, despite we don’t have sex ,in a traditional way.
    In the other, because,if you think about it, a boyfriend is an status and decorative element, just like a necklace or shoes.
    That’s why I am so strict with his body.

    1. You have a man on your arms, as a trophy, to impress others. Meanwhile your pussy remains penis free. Win win.

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