Harsh sentences

 The ureasonable thing would be to tolerate disobedience, surely?

They might put on a lesbian show for you, if you’re lucky.
He gets to eat the grape first. Yum.

Dommes and their pets.  I visited a pro-domme once and I got a scary thrill when she asked if I could pick up a tin of catfood on the way.  But it just turned out to be for her cat!  Slaves get dogfood; it’s less fatty apparently although it has always seemed pretty fatty to me.  Anyway, I’m sure Fluffles gets a healthy diet.
Oooh – looks like someone’s going to try switch play!  He shouldn’t worry, though: she’s only planning to switch roles once.

Household rulers

I’m normally done in 15 seconds anyway, actually.

Some evenings she likes just to chain him to the cold cellar floor, come upstairs, grab a bottle of Chardonnay and a box of tisues and settle down to a good rom-com on TV.

As long as the first ring goes on OK, erections shouldn’t be a problem.

That is the deal.  I have yet to discover when, if ever, is ‘off shift’.
I seem to spend my whole life charging devices – if it’s not the shock collar, it’s the phone, and all her vibrators need constantly to be fully charged too… modern world, I suppose.

Beaten senseful

She’s got a very playful personality.

This blog does like to feature male doms and sadists from time to time, in the interests of balance. 
Oh not the legs as well!

 When ‘the mess’ has been tidied up I’m going to be launching a formal complaint.  Think she’s in trouble now? Just wait.

Don’t tell her that Mistress Hilda’s new boy has been branded with her initials… you’d never hear the end of it.

Managed care

Well, I hope she finds something to amuse herself with while you’re busy with all that.

You get to wear a nightie just like hers, too.
And she has a lot more than ten commandments.

I find I do some of my best thinking over a trestle.  I think about stuff a lot when I’m there.

Wow.  I think that’s the niceest compliment any girl has ever paid me.

Controlling passions

You can invest in ethical slaves too – taking the pay packets of men working in charity organisations and suchlike.  The returns aren’t as high, obviously, but you know you’re doing good whenever you whip extra performance out of them, not just doing well.


Self-respect is a delusion to which males are often prone.


She’s going to want the mess cleaned up and taken away, too.  Let’s hope she’s remembered to bring a little bag this time.


I’ve heard that a lot of great writers had a habit of getting up early and putting in a good solid four hours writing.  Perhaps you could try that.


Probably facing rather a severe dressing down, by the look of it.

It’s what I go to dommes for

...you can call me crazy

(Kinky bit is 2.18 in if that’s really all you’re after. Pervert).

Of course, as long as everyone keeps quiet there’s no way she can find out who wrote it.  And it’s not as if she can cane the whole class just because one boy misbehaved now, is it?

They do need male teachers, though.  Every time they seem to have got the male/female ratio on the staff up, another lot disppear and they have to start again.  So at least you’ve got job security: there’s that to be said for it.

Cold cream?  And, ermm… not being beaten?

What a bad girl.

I wrote this caption last year, surprisingly enough.

Not just the Pink Panther scene

Before we start, here’s a bit of found femdom that I haven’t seen anywhere else. You remember Valerie Leon, the lady from the Pink Panther movie (yes you do, it was probably one of your formative sexual experiences, right?  Pervert.)
That’s not the found femdom, everyone knows about that.  (Oh yes you do! Stop lying.).  
Anyway, an advertising agency in the 1970s obviously thought that the male submissive market was an underexploited market for aftershave so… thisAnd this. Maybe others, I don’t know.
I imagine it was rather effective.  Thinking about the typical British aftershave from the 70s and 80s, I think it’s a fair bet that if you splashed it on liberally before visiting a domme, she’d give you a pretty memorable session.  Possibly using a bullwhip from the maximum distance.
Thought you’d like to know.  

On we go…
Oh no, not again.  Honestly, it’s like that story’s following me around.

Well, at least two of them like pain a lot. If he really insists, perhaps they could hold a vote.

Yes, you don’t want to cause ofence to religious people.  This blog certanly never does that, except perhaps to the poor evangelical guy who had a Christian blog of the same name… sorry about that, mate.

I hate it when the legs get caught between my teeth.  Don’t you hate that?

hmm?  wha?

Late handing in homework


I could… but you’d never believe me.


Can I brush my teeth now, please? Mouthwash would be nice, too.



And how he’s going to get there, with no money for the bus.  Still, she hasn’t stood in his way: credit to her for that.


Synergies!  Clever domme.


What a bitch.

It’s a tonic for the troops!



Women, eh? Sometimes there’s no pleasing them.  You try to apologise, and they just run you over with a tank anyway.  Still… I guess we wouldn’t have them any other way, eh chaps?


Cathie might need a new lawyer in her stable.  She gets through slaves quite quickly – doesn’t look after them properly, truth be told.

She has a plan.
 This is the delightfully delightful Miss Tiffany Naylor. ‘A dominatrix based in Milton Keynes.’ To be honest, for me that’s a hard limit right there.  But it would be worth it, to meet her.

I suppose there’s little chance of either being a blow job? No? Worth asking…

I suppose any Radio 4 listeners amongst you will want to point ou that I got the apostrophe in the wrong place.  Radio 4 listeners are like that.

The rest of you have no fucking idea what I’m talking about, have you?  I don’t know myself sometimes, to be honest.

Distorted view…see-through, baby blue

Oh, Arnold Lane. Pictures are mostly unrelated.

Yes…but…in the church?


Actually, on this blog it’s not amazing.  It was practically a certainty.


Lots of men feel embarrassed about how they behave during castration.  It’s a shame, because it’s not as if they’ll ever get another chance.


I wonder if it’ll feel different, being whipped as a married man….


Interestingly, the one time they tried vanilla sex, she accused him of being only halfway in when in fact he was fully committed.  It’s obviously a thing with her.

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