Not just the Pink Panther scene

Before we start, here’s a bit of found femdom that I haven’t seen anywhere else. You remember Valerie Leon, the lady from the Pink Panther movie (yes you do, it was probably one of your formative sexual experiences, right?  Pervert.)
That’s not the found femdom, everyone knows about that.  (Oh yes you do! Stop lying.).  
Anyway, an advertising agency in the 1970s obviously thought that the male submissive market was an underexploited market for aftershave so… thisAnd this. Maybe others, I don’t know.
I imagine it was rather effective.  Thinking about the typical British aftershave from the 70s and 80s, I think it’s a fair bet that if you splashed it on liberally before visiting a domme, she’d give you a pretty memorable session.  Possibly using a bullwhip from the maximum distance.
Thought you’d like to know.  

On we go…
Oh no, not again.  Honestly, it’s like that story’s following me around.

Well, at least two of them like pain a lot. If he really insists, perhaps they could hold a vote.

Yes, you don’t want to cause ofence to religious people.  This blog certanly never does that, except perhaps to the poor evangelical guy who had a Christian blog of the same name… sorry about that, mate.

I hate it when the legs get caught between my teeth.  Don’t you hate that?

hmm?  wha?

0 thoughts on “Not just the Pink Panther scene”

  1. 1994 * United States * Exit to Eden *Comedy with Dana Delany as the dominatrix owner of an S&M resort.

    I rarely complain about book to movie adaptations, but FFS, making this book into a comedy with Rosie O and Dan A? I spent half the movie literally cringing in embarrassment.

  2. Yeah. That was bad.

    But then the consciously and obviously "femdom" movies generally are disappointing. Walk All Over Me had Tricia Helfer, but not for long.

    I suspect the less consciously femdom things work better. Anne Hathaway gives femdom phone sex in a Russian accent in Valentines Day. But the swoon moment for me was when her vanilla character looks cross with her boyfriend right at the end of the movie. Ah well.

  3. As a kid I used to love the Hi Karate adverts and loved that she was the aggressor who made the moves on the male. And taking a girlfriend to the movies and sweating when the scene in the Pink Panther began.

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