Describable agonies

Finally treated as a grown-up!  Looks like all that pleading and whining paid off.

So do I.  That’s why I run this blog.

See, the thing about chastity routines is all those little ‘fines’ and ‘extras’ can really add up.  I’m supposed to be on monthly release but sometimes I can go six months without, what with one thing or another.  And apparently asking what I am being fined for is ‘impertinence’ for which I get an additional three months !  Sometimes it just doesn’t seem fair, although I’m sure she intends it to be.

No, not that kind of cage.  The sort you live in.  Permanently, it would seem.  Interesting philosophical question: if a door is welded shut, is it still a ‘door’?  Something to think about, eh?  You’ll have plenty of time…

I was once told ‘be careful what you wish for’ in femdom but I’ve never really understood why.  I mean I fervently, desperately wish she’d stop whipping me, most days, or I wish in increasing frustration for sexual release.  Neither wish has the slightest effect, so I really don’t see the harm in it.

Unrestrained elegance

A truly service-oriented submissive would have one ready, anticipating her needs.




They say Paris is the city of lovers.  Maybe she’ll have a several, while you’re there.



Don’t worry, the whip’s just for show.  Well… I mean, it’s mainly for the slaveboy, obviously.  But in this context, it’s mainly for show.




You’re very much at the bottom end of it, obviously, but part of the family nonetheless.

Skirts are much more convenient, as I can personally attest.


She’s my lady…

…I’m her boy.

No, just need a lamp-post to raise my leg against some time soon, that’s all. No rush.

A range of sizes  – but all boyfriend-sized, not you-sized, yeah?  Mike’s friends will be real guys.

Actually, it’s extremely good practice because they don’t usually bother to fill the pool with water.
How very kind of her.
She should make sure she gets his consent first, though. Or during – whatever’s easiest.

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