She’s my lady…

…I’m her boy.

No, just need a lamp-post to raise my leg against some time soon, that’s all. No rush.

A range of sizes  – but all boyfriend-sized, not you-sized, yeah?  Mike’s friends will be real guys.

Actually, it’s extremely good practice because they don’t usually bother to fill the pool with water.
How very kind of her.
She should make sure she gets his consent first, though. Or during – whatever’s easiest.

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  1. How many condoms should I buy? If Mike bring 4 friends, then there will be 5 men in the house.
    If I buy 20 condoms I think that it's enough, but I don't know the size of anyone but Mike.
    And I don't know if I'm supposed to pay her back later, since it seems injust that she has to pay for all the stuff alone.

    So many questions, sometimes I think that the life of her lover(s) must be easier than mine.

  2. What a wonderful tale of family life throughout the generations. Ad I am surprised there were so many tears. If you think about it he might be lacking a little liquid. You know the Women of the house would not want the males emptying their bladders or bowels whilst locked onto the kneeling board. So they might be a little dehydrated. But delicious to read of the intergenerational thing. Femsup

  3. Oh, just get plenty, in all sizes from 'extra large' up. If she doesn't use them that night, I'm sure there will be other opportunities. Condoms last almost for ever – I bought one for my very first ever date, when I was a teenager, and I've still got it all these years later (you never know, eh?).

    Don't worry about paying her back. She's got plenty of money now you're working so much overtime, so it's OK.

    Thanks for commenting – but if you've got time to be reading nonsense like this, I think your life is perhaps a little easier than it should be, hmm? Maybe it's time to suggest she spruces up your chores list a little.

  4. Yeah, sometimes men just cry. It doesn't mean much and sensible wives quickly realise that the best thing is to pay no attention.

  5. Yes I think you're right, I certainly don't do enough in the house. Some nights I even sleep 4 entires hours! I become too lazy, but the thing is, all the chores in the house are already done every day, I don't see what more I could do during my day…

    Unless maybe… Mike has a house too, so…

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