You know the ‘trix’ ending is almost the only example I can think of where femdom culture ‘dominates’ the mainstream. In principle, one can speak of an editrix, adminstratrix or investigatrix, but it’s only going to conjure up an image of a lady in leather with a whip. As most things do for me, to be honest, but I’m talking about normal people.

Incidentally, is a female alligator an alligatrix?  

 This particular incineratrix is the wonderful Goddess Sophia, who has occasionally been unlucky enough to have raw untreated Servitor spilling out across her dungeon floor, but she always managed to get it under control before too long.  A powerful and creative lady.
She’s trying to transform the harsh, uncaring image of the findomme business. Although not too much, obviously, or what would be the point of it?


The ball gag is an essential element in this style of play, to make sure the little horrors don’t go crawling in where they’re not wanted.  And to prevent him screaming out his safeword, which ironically enough in this case is ‘arachnophobia’.  What’s that you’re asking?  ‘What about his nostrils’? Well, don’t be silly – that would block his breathing passages, wouldn’t it? Honestly, how many times must I remind everyone: safety first!  That’s rules 1, 2 and 3 in BDSM, yeah?  That’s why she’s using the non-poisonous kind, too, see?

Seems a bit soft-hearted to me.  I mean, 6/7 of his bottom won’t be beaten at all, most days.  I thought she’d take a harder line, to be honest.

Of course, if anyone really hates it, she doesn’t just let them suffer in silence.  Quite the contrary, actually.

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  1. Very irresponsible of Goddess Sophia you would say (well have say you as I would be too frightened to say myself). No not the burning of the bum fluff off of the male. No he will obviously move about and perhaps cause a fire in the field.

  2. Don't worry, Femsup, no danger of that. She has a couple of firewomen standing by with high pressure hoses. Safety first… safety always. With luck, they'll only be needed at the end, to put him out, but they're standing by, just in case.

  3. Goddess Sophia of Harrogate….eee -up! Is Servitor a bloody Yorkie tha' knows? ( Alright I do know that Harrowgate York, Weatherby, Knaresborough et al are very nice and they don't speak like the rest of the County ( I've been several times to these places and do not live THAT far away) and that they are definitely 'up market' locations, but the thought of Servitor with even the slightest possible tinge of a local accent let alone perhaps a Leeds or Hull accent…ugh. Time for some elocution scenario captions perhaps?

  4. It's grim oop North.

    But actually, I'm not. The mud I was licking from Goddess Sophia's shoes was in fact from the streets of Olde Lunnan tarn itself, mate, too right it was. In a BDSM location called Murder Mile, named after the bit of Clapton, East London where it was located. The name came, rather unimaginatively, from the fact that there had been a great many knife attacks in the area. What larks. Goodness, I did enjoy lurking around those dodgy-looking housing estates, with my gift bottle of champagne and the envelope with several hundred pounds cash tribute in my pocket, having arrived 20 minutes early just in case – as I always do, visiting a new venue. Oddly, MM Studios has moved to Walthamstowe, now, which just goes to show you never can tell, don't you think?

    Admittedly, it doesn't have the glamour of Harrogate. Or the tea cakes.

    Actually, I have a posh Southern accent. That's why all the wives in my captions say things like "Oh darling, I do wish you wouldn't do that! Now I have to make you lick it all up again don't I? Oh, how very trying!" I talk like that, basically.

  5. Splendid! So do I( enunciate properly in standard received pronunciation that is) – and I am from the murkier (North) side of Manchester..but then again so was Alistair Cooke, Anthony Burgess, Morrissey…you see we don't all sound and think like Terry Christian – thank Goodness! I had an Aunt who lived in Plumstead I used to visit in the 1980's- quite a disgusting place at the time frankly, it made Salford look like Monte Carlo..I'm sure it has improved greatly,( Salford hasn't by the way despite what you may hear about 'Media City' ( itself being on the site of the old timber yard at Dock No9) though I notice Plumstead's MP is Matthew Pennycook..(Salford has 'Rebecca Wrong Daily' just to re enforce the front of mouth gottlestop thicko image) so I wouldn't hold my breath. Anyhow Old Fruit- Keep up the good work. Pip Pip!

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