A very little bit o’politics

No, don’t get your hopes up, it’s not a post of President Hathaway captions.  I know you like them, but I don’t have any right now, OK?

In fact, it’s not a proper post at all, but there’ll be one on Friday, same as usual so don’t worry about that.

No, it’s just a political observation.  You probably know that Gavin Williamson, MP, was sacked from the British cabinet early this week for leaking confidential Cabinet minutes about the involvement of Huawei in building the UK 5G mobile network, right?


Course you do. You’re a knowledgeable man of the world, keen to keep up with the cut and thrust of contemporary events – not just a porn seeker sitting there with his trousers around his ankles, right?

Yeah, thought so.

ANY-way, if you know that, do you also know that his replacement as Minister of Defence is Penny Mordaunt?  Penny Mordaunt MP.  Heard of her?

Here she is.

This lady is now in charge of aircraft carriers, tank brigades and the Trident strategic nuclear missile system, along with various other implements of violence that readers of this blog might like to imagine her wielding.

OK: so far, so Tory Lady. But did you also know that Ms Mordaunt is a Navy reservist and is in fact named after the Leander-class Frigate HMS Penelope? No, really, she is.  Which in a peculiar twist of fate has now been sold to the Argentinean navy, so maybe Madame Mordaunt will get a chance to sink it some day.

Here she is again.

Hmm.  I must say, feeling sexual attraction toward Tory cabinet ministers is a novel experience for me, but I can tell you there is certainly some kind of patriotic pride swelling up in me, right now.

Because… because, right, even if you knew all of the above then it’s quite likely you still didn’t know that Mistress Mordaunt once made a speech about chicken welfare in the British Parliament, which turned out to be her paying off a dare or penalty or something set her by other Navy officers, in which she had to mention each of their names and also get the word ‘cock’ into her House of Commons speech as many times as possible.  

Labour MP Kate Hoey accused her of trivialising Parliament.  I, on the other hand, fell madly, deeply and apolitically in love at once.  So Labour MP Kate Hoey will not be featuring on this blog, no doubt much to her disappointment, but here is yet another picture of our new Minister for Defence against the Dark Arts Russians (sorry Alex), Mistress Penelope.  This is from earlier today. She’s off to take power…


Oh, and as you’ve done me the courtesy of reading this far, here is a caption that I did years ago and have posted before… but I was reminded of it and I’ve always liked it.

Anyway, that’s it. Proper post tomorrow.  Off you go, now.

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  1. I can see a lot of Privates becoming very erect and giving their salutes. Of course She should ban males from achieving any rank above Private, Sailor and airman and create the service corps or boot cleaning battalion or some such force. Femsup

  2. I am tempted to suggest that as an officer in the Naval Reserve, she is probably quite used to being surrounded by a lot of seamen, but as you know, Femsup, we don't go in for that kind of smutty innuendo on this blog.

  3. Thank you very much for coming clean (or perhaps dirty) about your feelings toward the Rt Hon Ms Mordaunt – I thought perhaps I was the only one. She really is rather magnificent, isn't she? The infamous "cock" speech (thankfully available on Youtube for anyone interested) had already pricked my interest, as it were, when it was first reported. It is a privilege and a pleasure to see now her ascent to one of the highest offices of state – she is definitely a woman to whom I would gladly pledge unconditional allegiance and unquestioning obedience were I fortunate to be under her command.

  4. Thank you. Of course, we're both only comfortable discussing this particular sexual attraction under the anonymity of the Internet. This blog habitually discusses boot-licking, toilet-training, sissy play and castration fantasies and all of those are widely-shared, socially accepted fetishes with little of the stigma they used to attract. But Tory MPs? Some kinks are definitely not OK out there.

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