The ‘any more’ is a bit of a stretch too, to be perfectly honest.

Safety first is the golden rule in a hard whipping scene of course: always remember to thank your domme politely or it can get quite nasty.


Nice to be the centre of attention for once, I suppose.



To be fair, I don’t actually known whether I’d be bad at sex or not, but as my SO so wisely says: why risk it?



Don’t worry: the safety-first rule applies here too.  She’ll make sure she puts the chain on the door and looks out through the spyhole before opening the door to a stranger, don’t you worry.



Shocking untruths

Communication is at the heart of a healthy relationship, especially if it’s all in one direction.




Always bring a sissy when you’re dogging.  It’s nicer for the guys as well, if they fancy swinging both ways. Or just hitting someone.


Don’t worry: that doctor won’t lie on an official medical form, just because she asks him to.  Only if Lucy asks.  He’s hers, you see. 


She’s free and single and yet you’re neither.  But who said life had to be fair?

I’ve half a mind to complain.


Rigorously unfair

Yes, just imagine.  Still, no harm done to anyone who matters on this occasion, thank goodness.




Maybe if you wipe around the rim it won’t look so bad and Cathie won’t be cross… oh, who am I kidding?



You already ‘dared’ when you turned up for the session.  Now for a few truths.




I’m afraid she’s just willfully denying reality, there.  Phish Food is much better.






Or spoken, known about or even defined.  Don’t worry, you’ll soon get the hang of it.








Permissive society

Contrary to what many people ill-informed about femdom relationships might imagine, I am not oppressed by my SO, in fact she actually makes a point of bestowing small freedoms on me.  For example, she grants me a financial allowance out of my earnings, quite frequently permits me to speak as long as that privilege is not abused and even (speaking of abuse) permits occasional sexual release.  I’m very lucky that way, as I often find myself compelled to tell her.

Like many submissive men, I find arguing with my SO can make me feel quite uncomfortable – sometimes immediately, sometimes over an extended period of time.

It’s the dreading that’s the worst part, I understand.


Teasing and denial.

It’s the little things in a relationship that really define it.

Lip service

There are lots of things submissives know about that ‘ordinary people’ don’t.  It’s an odd thought, but most people have never been peed on, for instance (by an adult, anyway). 

Oh, well if David wants me serving canapes then of course we’d better go!  Sigh.  David this, David that… honestly, one day I’m really going to have to set some boundaries in this relationship. But not today. What do you think? I favour the one on the left…

She said stare at the ground, moron.
Erm… yeah, the ironing.  About that…

Brain damage play can be a lot of fun, but you need to make sure you pick short and simple words to use as safewords.

Service orientation

My SO’s always had the same rule.  Sulky face = semen face.  Simple, no argument.

Or breakfast, if you’re not hungry enough by tonight.
I’d end up paying a lot of guys for a lot of things, if that rule applied to me.  It’s important to prioritise: to spend your money on the things that make her most happy.

Many people who get into porn movies just do it for a short time, but snuff movie stars, oddly enough, often spend the rest of their lives in the business.

My first girlfriend told me she was strongly opposed to corporal punishment of children.  When I turned eighteen, I discovered she had strong views on the corporal punishment of adults, too.

Makes your feet and fingers glow

No, not that. (Warning: SFW)


I don’t bother too much about fashion myself.  Life’s easier when all you wear is a steel collar. I’m never out of style because I’m never allowed out.

Practice makes perfect.  Next!

Many brides encounter disappointment on their wedding nights.  She just needs to make the best of it and move on, I reckon.

Married couples should try to share one another’s interests. It’s about making an effort: an act of the will. Sure, he’s not so interested in cock, but maybe he could just bend from time to time, hmm?  Is it so hard?

I went to see Justice League.  I’ve got to say, I have mixed feelings about it.  Maybe… oh I don’t know… 20% of the movie is really great but the other 80% was just meh for me. There was some really shoddy camerawork too – like on several occasions, you could clearly see actors in shot, speaking lines and stuff like that, and blocking the view of Gal?  That’s just unprofessional.

The wrongs of man

are self-evident but can be sorted out by the smack of firm government in the right hands.


She sounds like she knows what she’s doing.
Another day, another dollar.  Well… not a whole dollar, obviously.  That’s just a saying.  In fact, they only spend a penny each time.

Huh! I’d like to see him do better.
Maybe try another topic of conversation? I mean – you got her attention. That’s a good start.

See, there he is while she’s telling him how upset she was about his thoughtless gift and all he can think about is how his lungs are burning.  That’s what men are like. It’s a good thing there’s femdom to help set us right, that’s all I can say.

If voting changed anything….

Generally this blog doesn’t comment on political or topical events but…but… is there anyone out there who still thinks it’s a good idea to let men vote?  I mean, really?  Could there be better proof that politics is just not something that we should bother our silly little heads about?  It’s not as if I’d mind the smack of firm government in the right hands, but…

Oh well.  Life goes on and I suppose there are things to be thankful for.  Not being Estonian, Latvian or Lithuanian just now, for example.  

Probably best just to think about happier things, like torture, forced labour and humiliation.  So, back to business as usual.

“breath play”?  Well, I guess being breathed upon can’t be so bad. 
Thank goodness – I thought she was in a vengeful mood after I broke that
ornament of hers.
Actually, it’s fairly obviously the whipping post by the fountain.  The one by the walled garden is already occupied by his lordship.
Of course, this isn’t the first time he’s been on his knees since then. In fact, he’s rarely off them in her presence these days.

Devil Planet, Space 1999.  The gift that keeps on giving.

Actually her sister’s much more the vicious sadist than she is.  She can only get off when she’s making a man scream hysterically in pain. She keeps it very separate from her dentistry, though – she’s professional like that.

Losing my religion

OK, so my bitlocked external drive has had a bit of an old crash and makes nasty clicky grindy noises when it tries to go (and there is no way I am taking that particular collection of corrupted files to a computer expert recovery place, thank you).  So I’ve lost a few months of stuff since the last backup.  And by good luck, I haven’t lost any of the captions I posted during that time but I have lost the file structure that tells me whether I have ever posted them before or not.

So, for the next few months or so, if you find yourself thinking that CtD is even more repetitive and tedious than usual, it probably is and it might be because I’m repeating myself with an image I’ve already posted some time between July and October this year. Tell me in the comments and I won’t replace it directly, but I’ll add a sixth image to the next post.  Or something.

Anyway, the show limps on despite technical difficulties, so here we go again:

I’ve nothing to say about this one.  Not for another four months, anyway.
She’s got a point there.  One of the mistakes newly maried couples often make is thinking they have to do everything together.  There are lots of things my SO and I do separately – for example, being chained up naked cold and alone in the cellar is my special thing and there’s no reason for her not to go out clubbing while I’m doing it.
Don’t judge them too harshly. Most new dommes mess up their first breathplay session. Plenty more subs out there, so it really doesn’t matter.

Sooner or later most subs realise it’s not all about them. Some lucky ones eventually realise it’s not about them at all.

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