The wrongs of man

are self-evident but can be sorted out by the smack of firm government in the right hands.


She sounds like she knows what she’s doing.
Another day, another dollar.  Well… not a whole dollar, obviously.  That’s just a saying.  In fact, they only spend a penny each time.

Huh! I’d like to see him do better.
Maybe try another topic of conversation? I mean – you got her attention. That’s a good start.

See, there he is while she’s telling him how upset she was about his thoughtless gift and all he can think about is how his lungs are burning.  That’s what men are like. It’s a good thing there’s femdom to help set us right, that’s all I can say.

0 thoughts on “The wrongs of man”

  1. Indeed, true that. But I can't say so, because then it would be one of those paradox thingies, wouldn't it?

    So I think you must be female, as otherwise the entire logical construction of the universe would implode. In which case: thank you for your comment and welcome to the blog, Ma'am.

  2. Arghs, yes. But don't worry about it. We in our little femdom comunity understand very well that males aren't really any good at dealing with complex, logical coundrums. It's just not what we're suited to. Leave that to our betters, I say. It's not as if you need a degree in philosophy to do the ironing, is it? Keep coming back, anyway, FV!

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