Controllable desires

They’re not a substitute for more traditional methods of marital control, of course, but they can help a husband get over those difficult first few weeks when he still has silly notions about freedom and suchlike.
Anyway, lightening never strikes twice, right?
She has strong views on the importance of self-esteem in education too – far too much of it around these days, for her taste.
Oooh – exciting!  I wonder where you’re off to?
I myself am often tempted to wear my wife’s clothes, especially on really cold days, but I know it’s wrong and would only upset her.


Not a proper post, one of those on Tuesday.

This is a message to any readers of the blog who are sissies: into very feminine, frou-frou things, basically.  Not those readers into hard BDSM and cattleprods – that was yesterday.

Anyway, I’ve recently returned from a trip on Air France and I was reminded that their in-flight safety video is really very nice. 

To judge by the user names of my followers here and on the derivative Tumblr site, there are quite a lot of you who are more into flouncey skirts than cold dark jail cells, and you might well enjoy this if you haven’t seen it before (it’s been around for years).

I study the safety video intently whenever I fly Air France. So, I notice, do most men.  Probably we’re all just safety-conscious.

But now you can experience it in the comfort of your own furtive porn browsing.  Not that it’s porn, obviously.  Thoroughly SFW.

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