Brought to heel


Hmm?  Oh.  Sure.


I don’t see why she would be so sure of that.  Just on this occasion he’s the expert, after all.




It’s hardly their fault – boys break so easily, just when it’s starting to get fun.



The worst of it is, she realised when he got home that one of the dresses was the wrong size and he had to go straight back to the shop to exchange it.  Someone must have put it on the wrong hanger – people can be so thoughtless and selfish, sometimes, can’t they?


That’s the thing about crush fetish play – it’s only fun for a short time.

Telling me that women are superior to men

Most guys just don’t apreciate this. (Warning SFW music video utterly unrelated to femdom, yet again).

It must be awful for her, having to watch it so very frequently and often for hours at a time.

In Central and Eastern Europe, ‘BBC’ is more associated with the voice of London than with racial cuckoldry, but I understand ‘BCC’ (Big Carpathian Cock) is a thing, and so is ‘LSCMC’ (Long and Slightly Curvy Moldovan Cock), so don’t imagine they feel left out, just because they don’t have the USA’s hang-ups about race.

Sorry – I know it’s complicated for non-Europeans, with all those, like, different countries and everything.  American subs planning on playing with dommes in Yoorp might benefit from some of the tips in this handy guide.

Many men wake up the day after their wedding feeling uncertain about where their new married life will take them. Harry and Martin, in contrast, have no doubts whatsoever.

Thank goodness for that. Thank her, too.

I wonder what she’s planning to do with them?  As a worthless worm myself, I have no say in the matter.
This of course is the magnificent Lady Sophia Black who – in a tragedy for male worm-kind – appears to have retired from the profession, but not before she had several opportunities to grind Servitor beneath her shapely boot.  If you never had the chance to visit her, I’m afraid you’ve wasted your life, and that’s that.  Sorry.
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