Telling me that women are superior to men

Most guys just don’t apreciate this. (Warning SFW music video utterly unrelated to femdom, yet again).

It must be awful for her, having to watch it so very frequently and often for hours at a time.

In Central and Eastern Europe, ‘BBC’ is more associated with the voice of London than with racial cuckoldry, but I understand ‘BCC’ (Big Carpathian Cock) is a thing, and so is ‘LSCMC’ (Long and Slightly Curvy Moldovan Cock), so don’t imagine they feel left out, just because they don’t have the USA’s hang-ups about race.

Sorry – I know it’s complicated for non-Europeans, with all those, like, different countries and everything.  American subs planning on playing with dommes in Yoorp might benefit from some of the tips in this handy guide.

Many men wake up the day after their wedding feeling uncertain about where their new married life will take them. Harry and Martin, in contrast, have no doubts whatsoever.

Thank goodness for that. Thank her, too.

I wonder what she’s planning to do with them?  As a worthless worm myself, I have no say in the matter.
This of course is the magnificent Lady Sophia Black who – in a tragedy for male worm-kind – appears to have retired from the profession, but not before she had several opportunities to grind Servitor beneath her shapely boot.  If you never had the chance to visit her, I’m afraid you’ve wasted your life, and that’s that.  Sorry.

0 thoughts on “Telling me that women are superior to men”

  1. What's coming next strangely has my clitty straining in my panties! kiss, sara

  2. I once witnessed Lady Sophia Black give a brutal whipping at Club Pedestal in London, gosh she was good and not only that, she was clearly enjoying herself!

  3. She was absolutely amazing: as extraordinarily creative in session as she is astonishingly beautiful. I hope she is happy, whatever she is doing now.

  4. Yes what is all that about. They supposedly want to be cucked by big strong Black men but the men are dehumanised and just puppets like the supposedly dominant Women. They alwya shave captions about the Black bull with the Wife. As if the person running these scenarios are never Black themselves. Femsup

  5. Yah, well, their kink is not our kink, I suppose. The BBC fetish is thankfully largely a male fantasy (white presumably), but I did once go out on a date with a woman who was really into it. I thought I was in for a night of wild sexual and racial humiliation, but it turned out all she really needed was a designated driver.

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