Compelling ideas

Can’t hurt to try.

Raises the question: can you be ‘just good friends’ and have a relationship based on slavery and humiliation?

I now have eleven approved begging positions.  Few of them seem to work, I have to admit.

‘At a stretch’… oh ha bloody ha.

This one?  This one?  I do have a name, you know. Or I certainly used to, anyway.

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  1. Splendid, glad to hear it. Any dreams in particular?

    I have this dream that I've got to deliver payment for an electricity bill to the office in town, but the only way to get it there is to place it inside the pouch of a kangaroo but when I get to the office, it's full of kangaroos and I can't tell which one is mine and I'm chasing them around the office hoping no one notices I'm checking inside their pouches… actually that one did come true, but generally them ol' dreams, you know, they're only in your head.

    Some dreams are nicer than that. I'm sure we'd like to hear yours.

    Best wishes


  2. I would like the poster above be privileged to meet you. You are astute intelligent and funny. You would make a great companion at a dinner party. Of course we would both be in the kitchen much of the time when not serving or being hat stands etc. Femsup

  3. It's kind of you to say so. But as you suggest, I'm actually usually a bit too tense at a dinner party really to be the life and soul or anything like that. I'm just fretting too much about whether the food will turn out OK, whether everyone is comfortable, whether I might say the wrong thing and offend anyone – generally, the list of whippable offences is just too long for me really to relax. Even when the party breaks up and everyone goes home or upstairs there's still plenty of glasses to be washed up, semen stains to be scrubbed out and used condoms to empty.

    It's different when it's a dinner party at someone else's house. Then I can just relax, which I find reduces the strain on my arms as I hang around waiting for her to come home.

    I have always thought would be nice to be a hat stand. But I just don't have the qualifications.

    Best wishes


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