Angel with the scourge

Two scourging angels, ready to inspire and if need be correct, profoundly religious thoughts.
Of course, it doesn’t need to be reserved solely for cuckold play. Plenty of uses for a pillory and it’s not like she has someone in her bed every night of the week,
Question asked, question answered. Time to move on.
Opinion among mistresses is divided as to whether it’s a good idea for sissies to have thinking time. Why spend so much time doing something they’re not good at?
Her brutality is rarely, if ever, unreasonable.
More and more women are discovering the fun that can be had with a golf club, especially in the company of a supportive man.

Maybe I’m just stupid

I thought we’d got it sorted. (NB: link is not femdom-related, unless you have the same sorts of fantasies about Louise Wener as I do).

Ah, those far off heterosexual days.

The game of ‘fetch’ is actually harder than it looks.

Once she’d explained her idea, they agreed that it was safe.  Not consensual – obviously – and quite possibly not sane, but safe enough, probably, so they just decided to go for it.

He’s lucky.  My
SO usually decides I’m too busy to take even 15 seconds out of my busy
schedule and of course I have to agree with her about that.

I think she’s right: she probably should have used a different bat.  But those big heavy ones have their uses, too.


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