Angel with the scourge

Two scourging angels, ready to inspire and if need be correct, profoundly religious thoughts.
Of course, it doesn’t need to be reserved solely for cuckold play. Plenty of uses for a pillory and it’s not like she has someone in her bed every night of the week,
Question asked, question answered. Time to move on.
Opinion among mistresses is divided as to whether it’s a good idea for sissies to have thinking time. Why spend so much time doing something they’re not good at?
Her brutality is rarely, if ever, unreasonable.
More and more women are discovering the fun that can be had with a golf club, especially in the company of a supportive man.

2 thoughts on “Angel with the scourge”

  1. I had a frisson reading the fifth one! Reminded me of the first image in “Harsh sentences”, march 2020.

    1. Ah, I’m afraid I only have a few ideas, Notta, if you don’t mind me calling you that. Not good ideas, mind, but I do my best. It reminded me vaguely of something I have done before, possibly even several times. But as ever (or as never, if it wasn’t previously you), your version is more precise.

      Best wishes


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