Thanks be to women

Aw… he’s going to be all bashful and get confused as he tries to stutter out his question, now. But she won’t mind: she’s nice.
My own employer set up a taskforce to evaluate some external dominatrix service providers – we trialled five of them, which was a bit exhausting for me, as the only male on the team. In the end, though, the choice was easy as the cheapest option surprisingly also turned out to be the most painful. It pays to shop around.
So, ermmm, what are you both up to these days? Apart from this, obviously.

A pair of wonderful French dominatrices there: on the right, the talented and beautiful Maîtresse Blanche who has had the dubioius pleasure of inserting various medical things into Servitor and peeing on me, while on the left I believe is la talentueuse et belle Maîtresse Euryale, who probably has much better facilities into which to relieve herself… but I hope some day may yet find a stinking load of raw, untreated Servitor piled up on her doorstep needing humane disposal.

It’s important not to boil them for too long or you can lose the flavour.
It’s nice to have a change of scene but you know what it’s like with holidays… 24 hours after you get home it’s as if you never left.
Give me the real thing any day. I believe Ms Cassie Hunter is on the shortlist to star in the new one: 50 Shades: Black and Blue.

8 thoughts on “Thanks be to women”

  1. ”Can I have a word, Brian? In my office, please, dear.”
    ”Yes, Miss Zoe. How can I help?”
    ”Shut the door and sit down, please.”
    ”I am up to date with my work, Miss Zoe, what is this about?”
    ”It has come to my attention that you and a few other boys have formed a ‘so called’ men’s group, is that correct?”
    ”Yes ma’am, I did get authorisation. We just talk about boy issues, filing methods, flower arranging, vacuuming, child care, foot worship and so on.”
    ”I know you have permission to meet after work in the canteen, but it has come to my attention that you have been advocating voting rights for boys, property rights and access to higher paid jobs in this company, is that right?”
    ”Well, yes ma’am. Lots of men, and we are men not boys, want to vote in elections, to buy a house and, in the workplace, rise above junior level jobs. Is that so bad, ma’am?”
    ”You are a male and in gynarchy law you are designated as a ‘boy’. So, do not give me cheeky backchat or you will be in big trouble, understand?”
    ”Oh, yes ma’am. Sorry ma’am.”
    ”In the gynarchy, boys are looked after by females. We vote, we own property, we have opinions, we have important jobs. It is not possible to give a boy a job where he is managing females. That would be wrong.”
    ”But, ma’am, in other cultures the males are in charge, the females are in junior positions.”
    ”OK, honey, what job do you think you could do, that a female is doing now?”
    ”Well, my supervisor, Annabelle, gives me work, she supervises me doing accounts, she reports to a Senior Manager. She is busy, but the actual work is done by five boys. Surely, I could do that. It is only one step above my level, ma’am.”
    ”I guess you could do her work, but she has big responsibilities for
    ensuring the work is done on time and is accurate and relevant. She has authority because she is female, she is better than you and nothing you can do will change that. You would be at a big disadvantage if you were in a position of leadership just because you are a boy. Can you understand, honey?”
    ”Yes ma’am. I guess you are right. Do you want me to disband the men’s group?”
    ”No, you can still meet, but before each meeting give my PA a short summary of what you are going to discuss. You can take some tips from the females too, they may have ideas that need to be looked at by the boys. Also, please change the name of the group to ”Boy’s Group”, ok honey?”
    ”Yes, ma’am. Can I go now, please?”
    ”I have spoken to your wife. She is not happy with you being involved in such silliness, ok? She asked me to forgive you as she needs you to be at work. I think you will be punished by her. I think you may need to explain to her what you have been up to. You can go now.”
    ”Thank you ma’am.”
    ”OH, remember you are serving refreshments for our ten o’clock meeting this morning. Can you give the ladies toilets a quick clean before then, please. Good boy.”

    1. That sounds very sensible, Ms Zoe.

      There’s nothing necessarily wrong with ‘boys’ groups’ meeting, as long as they discuss things appropriate to boys: masculine things like ironing, shoe-cleaning and servitude. It’s even OK to get a bit introspective and for the boys to share their concerns about their behaviour and performance, as long of course as they make sure they report those to the proper authorities for correction.

      The biggest mistake is to try to promote self-esteem among boys, as there’s nothing very estimable about being male.

      Best wishes and many thanks, as ever.


  2. ”Well, ladies, that concludes our meeting. Thank you for your ideas and decisions. I think we did well today. Thanks to Brian for serving drinks and snacks, such a good boy.”
    ”He’s a treasure, such a good boy.”
    ”Oh ladies, Brian here has ambitions to be a Supervisor like Annabelle. What do you think? Can you see him all ‘alpha’ giving out work to the junior girls round here?”
    ”You’re joking, Zoe, really?”
    ”That is so frigging funny.”
    ”Brian, don’t be over ambitious, you should be happy in your place. You are a good boy, but you are not ‘alpha’. Do you know even know what that means?”
    ”Sorry, ma’am. I was just asking Miss Zoe if I could have a higher job, not necessarily supervisory. Isn’t ‘alpha’ like a ‘free’ man or something like that?”
    ”Good boy! A big, manly, masculine, free man. Quite right.”
    ”See you later ladies. Brian, tidy up here, then report back to Annabelle, OK?”
    ”Yes, ma’am. Thank you, ma’am.”
    ”Emily, you will be getting reports from Brian on the ‘Boy’s group” OK? You don’t need to involve me unless there is anything that worries you.”
    ”Are they still discussing voting and property rights, Miss Zoe?”
    ”They shouldn’t be, no. I think it will be domestic stuff or foot kissing or even ‘how to serve a woman’. Usual sissy stuff. If it gets too much just tell me, I don’t want you over burdened by it. Can you fetch me a coffee back in my office, dear?”
    ”Yes Miss Zoe.”


    1. Sissies need to be given quite enough to worry about so they don’t fill their silly little heads with idle dreaming, I’ve heard, Miss Zoe. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have underwear to handwash.

      Best wishes


  3. First lovely picture.
    Great to see a nice and warm woman. Glad to know there’re still around and not just those hard and cold women.

    1. Thank you, Alberto. Glad you liked it.

      I have done a whole series of the divinely dimpled Ms McAdams, being nice and warm in a similar manner to that one (many of them set at press conferences). I should be putting them up on the blog fairly regularly over the next… (checks stock of unposted captioned images… crikey, 3500)… four or five years or so.

      So keep an eye out. But the cold hard women will carry on, too. Most of the time, we none of us deserve any better.

      Best wishes


  4. It’s crucial not to over-explain but the third caption seems to leave so much unsaid that the scenario raises many subtle questions. For one, why would I know Julie, who appears to be my ex’s OR nurse?

    My best guess as to the implied scenario is that I’m going to be operated on against my will after being deceived or forced into a helpless position, that the doctor is my ex, that Julie is her new girlfriend, and that the whole situation is intended as (hugely disproportionate) retribution for something, or everything, I did during my relationship with the surgeon.

    1. That was pretty much what was in my mind, actually Mr A. I suppose maybe Julie may alternatively have been a friend of the ex. back when you were married or something? But that’s not so different. ‘Truly disproportionate’ is spot on too – you probably weren’t sufficiently affectionate to her cat when married or some such.

      Agreed, it was a little more obscure than most, but it obviously basically worked! In your case anyway: you get 9/10 at least. So… no detention, line-writing or punishment due for that performance. Sorry.

      Sometimes the obscurity arises when there’s an unnamed horror promised, but this time, the impending fate is going to be entirely predictable for any regular reader of this blog. What other operations do attractive female medical personnel ever carry out here, after all?

      Best wishes


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