Darling, it was positively savage!

To provide welcome relief from the brutal vulgarity of much of today’s femdom, here are some more Downton Domination captions, recalling a more elegant age when brutality was not so vulgar.

Taking on a governess just on the offchance that at some point you might have children might have seemed an unnecessary expenditure at the time, but actually it’s been the best decision she ever took.
Not yet, no.
If you can’t, I’m sure she can. Or you could ask Reynolds what she thinks, although her approach might be less refined, as she’s from a rough background.
Much more civilised.
A perfect place to engage in traditional country pursuits.
Of course she knows she’ll have to give him back eventually, but there’s no rush, is there? Anyway, they started it.*

* Yes they did, they invaded Poland.

5 thoughts on “Darling, it was positively savage!”

  1. What a perfect discipline room that would be. Even when he is not bent over the whipping block, the structure would always be there; always available to her. And I like the idea of some carpet nearby so that the tell-tale tap tap of her heels suddenly stops; is she still there, perhaps she has slipped of her heels and gone away, or she is standing on the carpet with a cane in her hand wondering where to place the first stripe. And also there will be no door in the doorway so that when the whipping is taking place, all would be visible to anybody in the other room. No hiding place.

    1. Yes indeed. One of the ladies I visit likes to leave me with nose pressed against the wall and a strict no-fidgeting rule. I found the tap tap of her heels deliciously menacing, but not as menacing as the sudden and surprising sound of her voice, on one occasion, when she had slipped off her heels and quietly re-entered the room.

      Many thanks for your poignant comments.

      Best wishes


  2. No. 4
    Much more refined. All thrashings behind closed doors, private and respectful you know. Sometimes she played classical music to beatings, keeping time to the music.

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