Motivating thoughts

He does the actions, too. Those consist of thrashing around frantically, in a futile attempt to dodge the strokes.
Try not to objectify her when you’re hanging there. No woman likes to feel like a piece of meat.
Wow – she’s not just a barrista, she’s a startup! You could invest in her, be one of those… what do they call them, angels! I’m sure she’d guarantee you a very fair return.
Sorry about the poor picture quality. But the expression was sooo perfect.
She’s just trifling with your feelings.
Try not to be too nervous. Just nervous enough, that’ll be fine.

12 thoughts on “Motivating thoughts”

  1. Comment on her good looks, and get punished for objectifying her. Don’t comment on her good looks and get punished for ignoring her. It’s lose lose for me.

    1. It depends on how you say it.

      If you say she looks pretty, then you could be objectifying her.

      However, if you say ”Oh goddess, I love how pretty you are, I am so proud to serve your majesty, ma’am” then you are acknowledging her beauty or prettiness in the context of your humble service.

      It is the difference between objectifying her and being truthful about how pretty she is.

      Be careful in future, we don’t like being stares at as objects, but we like to hear we are pretty.



      1. There are those women who so utterly adorable, that men can’t help but desire to serve and cherish them. These women take men so beyond the carnal. Men are taken to a paradise that exceeds mere beauty by these special, somewhat rare women. Serving them is sheer joy!!

        1. That’s right Alberto. But let’s not forget that there may be other women, not so utterly adorable, who need service too, and that’s what whips and cattle prods are perfect for.

          Best wishes


      2. Quite so. ‘Simple’ is how it has to be, if we males are to understand it, Ms Zoe.

        Men are both objects and subjects; women neither.

        Best wishes


    2. ‘Lose lose’ is entirely appropriate for some of us, Mr A, and we wouldn’t have it any other way (and wouldn’t get it any other way if we did).

      Many thanks for commenting.

      Best wishes


  2. Caption 2: I mean, but I don’t see what the issue is about looking pretty for someone else. She claims its “objectification”, as if there is something inherently wrong with that. It just means you are desirable, that you are wanted, unless you just like being ugly and UNdesirable…..I of course, wouldn’t dare say that to her, unless I want my punishment doubled. Just saying, or er..thinking it.

    Caption 4: I can see him standing before her now, as she looks at him with that cold stare, trembling, knee’s about to buckle in fear of what she might do to him. He’s got some explaining to do, and it better be a good one. Sure, a replacement would be needed. He’s gotta clean his crotch area at some point. He just should have asked her first, before spending HER money. Goddess have mercy on him for this silly mistake.

    Caption 6: I can see this being a forced visitation to the company disciplinarian by his boss for insubordination. His contract demanding utter obedience to his superior, and on being punctual, detail oriented, and tending to his, personal needs will be drilled and beaten into him thoroughly.

    1. Well, there’s nothing inherently wrong in objectification, Squaw, but I always feel it works best when taken to its logical conclusion, as for instance when I’m used as a footstool. And there’s nothing wrong with having thoughts such as yours, either, as long as you end up being punished severely for them.

      Femdom doesn’t have to be dogmatic: there’s lots of ways to do it and most of them are likely to be judged to be wrong, that’s all.

      Best wishes


  3. Yes, I worried about the chain clanking on the floor under the bed, in what you so neatly christened my “cucky cave”. What you must have heard was me twisting and turning to wrap the chain many times around my neck so it didn’t rattle until it just got too o o tighhtt and then I …….
    But I hope they both enjoyed the tiramisu

    1. Thank you, Melissa. Yes, that sounds about right.

      I believe they did enjoy the tiramisu, but not all of it was eaten because she forgot to take small bowls up so they had to eat it off each other. It all got a bit messy and sticky, so it’s lucky there was someone else available to clean up the next day.

      Best wishes


  4. Life can be harder for findomme baristas these days. Before 2020 everyone used to carry at least a bit of cash. Now some people only pay by phone or credit card and don’t have any cash in their wallet. Of course, an ATM is never far. I wish Ellen the best.

    PS: If you haven’t yet seen the new “Bolero” movie, I very strongly recommend you watch the first 15 seconds of it. Something tells me you would enjoy these 15 seconds very much.

    1. Yes. Actually, almost the only time I withdraw cash in any quantity these days is to to stuff into an envelope as tribute. Almost makes me feel embarassed when I’m getting the cash out (I do – and always did – conceal the actual envelope-stuffing as that does look rather dodgy).

      Bolero… fifteen seconds, Notta? Do you really think I’m going to pay to go and see a whole movie that I don’t particularly want to see (although I have always liked the tune) just for fifteen seconds of what might be some kind of femdom-related material, as recommended to me by an anonymous commentator on the Internet who might just be having a laugh? Yes of course I will. Thank you. Might be a while, but those 15 seconds are definitely on the list.

      Best wishes


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