Serving her right

Don’t worry, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to practise. And she’s happy to help you learn from your mistakes: it’s part of her job as your wife, as she sees it.
Yeah, it’s just pain. If the pain doesn’t work she’ll try inflicting permanent damage plus – obviously – a whole lot more pain. She can cope with all of it; she’s very strong.
OK! And according to her spreadsheet, the next scheduled release should be… hmm… yesterday. Perhaps she forgot. So much for all that mathematical accuracy, eh?
I had an abscess – horrible business. And unlike the nice wife in this caption, my SO wouldn’t let me go to the dentist straight away – said she wanted to enjoy it for a few days. Still, I can’t begrudge her her little pleasures; she does so much for me.
It can be tempting for dommes to use sissy submissives for all their routine business needs, but when dealing with IT matters it’s always best to bear in mind that they’re empty-headed little ninnies with the analytical skills of a blancmange.

The divine Lexi Sindel there, along with some of her property.

5 thoughts on “Serving her right”

  1. I have noticed that when I sleep with my sissy slave husband, Max, there is a change in his attitude. He becomes more confident and is almost like a regular alpha man with me.

    For example, I came down to breakfast today, which is a normal working day, and he smiled and told me I look gorgeous. He forgot to curtsey and didn’t call me ‘goddess’.

    But, what to do? He is being nice and we did make passionate love last night. It is awkward, so I just said, ”careful, honey. Don’t forget your place.”

    At that Max knelt before me and said, ”oh high goddess, my love, I adore you and merely wanted to let you know I am so lucky to be in the same universe as you, ma’am. You are gorgeous, goddess.”

    The universe clicked back into its natural orbit. Max knew his place and acknowledged my absolute superiority.

    I certainly didn’t want to lose the use of his lovely body, especially as I am not dating anyone at the moment.


    1. Oh I love it !!
      Max truly desires you, and his desire makes you feel wonderful and feminine. And in keeping to your fabulous womanhood, he bows down to serve you. No problem. He serves you both ways; a confident lover and an obedient servant; all for your pleasure. Your ladyship deserves to thoroughly enjoy all aspects of your womanhood. Making woman deeply happy makes man happy. Win-win.

  2. Loved that she calculated the unlocked times!
    Could you do another one like this but with writing lines or corner time?
    Would be fun to see how many hours wasted!

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