The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them into the impossible

A science fiction theme today, imagining a better tomorrow. Or a worse yesterday.

Particularly surprising, since he wasn’t usually very life-like before.
She’ll reveal her true, horrifying bodily form, if you really want to see it. But not if you don’t – very few men do, oddly enough. Funny how incurious we can be, as a species. Half a species, anyway.
She seems nice. Thank goodness someone believes you, anyway. How awful it would be if robot sex dolls took over the world.

Yes, just awful…

Sounds complicated… I’d better get on, laundry to do.
Vaccine conspiracy theory on Contemplating the Divine? No, not really. I enjoy humiliating myself but come on – even I’m not going to pretend to be that stupid!*
Don’t worry, in time Clare comes to like having the sex doll around. Really, really likes it.

* Vaccine ‘sceptics’ might think I’m being a little unkind. But then, I’m not the one selfishly risking public health because I’m too moronic and arrogant to understand basic scientific concepts, am I?

8 thoughts on “The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them into the impossible”

  1. Women say most men are so useless. So robot male dolls could be all the rage with women.

    1. Just think, instead of marriage being about male orgasms, marriage could be about wives getting cuddled, spooned, and caressed.

    2. Hmmm… spammy comment but at least the product chosen has some relationship with the blog subject, so it can stay. The comments about men are a bit out of keeping, though, as this blog celebrates male maids with black stockings, sore flesh underneath and perky attitudes.

      Maybe spambots will target their comments better, in the age of AI. Actually adding funny femdom related comments, which sadly would put the original posts to shame. We can but hope.

      Best wishes


  2. Interestingly enough, ‘consciousness’ is no longer believed to come into play in quantum physics. If you ask a contemporary physicist about measurement, she/he will tell you that measurement happens when the state of the quantum system becomes entangled with a macroscopic physical system. For instance, when a photon from the quantum system hits a human eye, causing a visual observation. So, a man, a woman or a maggot can easily make the same observation. But I think we can all agree it is more fun to have men in the lab than worms.

    1. Not for the first time, Mr A, it looks as if more scientific knowledge and reasoning has gone into your comment than into the original caption!

      You’re right, of course, that it’s much more fun to perform experiments on men than on dumb animals. Just ask Serena and Alice. And there’s less animal cruelty involved too.

      Many thanks for your erudite comment – very educational. I’m a devotee of life-long learning, as a careful reader of the blog such as yourself has doubtless noticed.

      Best wishes


      1. There must be more than one Mr A! I know nothing about quantum physics, but I’ll happily give my unwanted opinion on any picture of Ash Hollywood using electric collars to prove math theorems.

        On a different note, if Sandra’s biology lab is looking for a new intern, could you forward my application? I promise not to blow any whistles.

        1. Oh dear me, I can’t keep track of all these people called ‘Anonymous’!

          I mean, it’s not your fault, obviously, it’s just unfortunate to be named that way. It reminds me of my friend Useless Bootlicking Sissy Loser – he’s actually very dominant in sex play – maybe not a male dom, exactly, but he certainly a ‘mans man’ who likes to take the lead with a submissive and compliant female partner. But when he contacts sex workers they always get the wrong end of the stick, just because of his name. Stereotypes can be so unfair.

          I’ll mention your name to Sandra, certainly. But given this problem, she’ll probably end up abducting the wrong Mr A. Still, no real harm done.

          All the best, whoever you all are.


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