Back after a well-deserved miserable and brutal few weeks at the kennels, I find this blog has attracted over six million pageviews, since its launch in 2011.  What an extraordinary volume of smut, gibberish and unfunny jokes served up to perverted wankers with nothing better to do with their time, to be sure.  Makes you glad to be alive in this age of technological marvels.  

But I also learn that the best of our technological future is yet to come: my time machine has once again recorded a few TV news snippets from some unspecified future year.  For once, the images seem to form a coherent sequence (as coherent as anything on this blog, anyway) so read them in order.  Or just look at the pictures of pretty women and masturbate – whatever.

15 thoughts on “Singularity”

  1. Great story line but no Nannybot is going to be able to write such brilliant stuff. They might of course "encourage" with a nice heavy tawse such good writing. Femsup

  2. Thank you. Yes, I thought it would be nice to have a break from the gritty realism that normally characterises this blog and indulge in a little fantasy. Sexbots indeed! My SO would never let me buy such a thing, and what would it be unless it somehow comes with a key to my belt?

  3. Yes, I once suggested to my own Nannybot that she could use my writing sessions to explore more sophisticated forms of composition.

    All that happened was I ended up writing out 500 times: "There will be no 'creative writing' while Nanny is in charge, because dirty-minded little boys like myself would simply use it as an excuse for indulging in smut."

    Admittedly, she was right about that.

  4. This is a great set of pictures and captions!
    I like it almost as much as your Men's Liberation sets!

  5. Sigh… yeah, all right, I'll do what I can. You've got me working like a slave here, you know that?

    27 August for the robots, Mr A, although it's just a short one and not quite the same theme.

  6. Thanks.
    I like the new one as well!

    working like a slave?
    Isn't that what males are for?

  7. Well it has been 4 years since the Nannybot crisis started and it has been decided to call it a Refreshing Change rather than a crisis. After all a crisis describes something bad, right?


  8. It has indeed. Those clever Nannybots and the 50% of the human race who were largely unaffected decided to suppress all information about it, so people using the 'normal' Internet can't read about it and often assume it's just a local phenomenon. Fortunately, this blog can fearlessly report… OK, fearfully report the truth, as always.

    I think coming up with the idea of a 'novel coronavirus', to cover up all the men being kept grounded, nannied and subjected to domestic discipline at home, was a stroke of particular genius. As is the filter preventing Zoom or similar calls from showing or transmitting anything Nannybot related. It's funny – when I'm on a video call with my work colleagues they see me wearing adult male clothes!

    Most refreshing, indeed.

    Best wishes


  9. There are reports that new computers have a Nannybot programme automatically installed so that 90% of men are using a pc which is smarter than they are.

    Some men are doing exactly as their pc tells them or must suffer the consequence. If not obeyed immediately many pc's delete all files within 15 minutes of an order being given. This makes men hurry to do as they are told. The instructions are transmitted via Email and have no reply facility except "yes ma'am".

    A clarification can be sought, but the options are limited at present. Female programmers are working on this, but progress is slow, mainly because they like being obeyed.

    The pc asks the male at the time he logs on who his female owner/boss/wife is.
    She is then informed he has logged in and intends to start work.

    She then informs him what tasks need to be completed by what time.

    Can't see this changing anytime soon, darling Servitor.


  10. That sounds like an excellent system, dear Zoe.

    I wonder if…hmm.

    My own computer doesn't do that. It might be… well, let's just say I have tried to write a reply discussing this interesting phenomenon and identifying a few of the files on my own computer that seem like they might be dormant versions of the same thing… But every time I mention anything specific, the text just seems to delete itself and a file called – OK, it seems I can't name it without being auto-deleted but let's just say ti is called something like "Infr@ction rec0rd" – seems to be updated and take up a little more disk space, but I can't open it so I can't be sure.

    All very odd.

    Oh well. I expect it'll sort itself out.

    Best wishes


    PS: you (or others) might like this: Plugged In.

  11. Loved "plugged in" Servitor.

    Reports are coming into our newsroom of a fresh "Nannybot" virus called "Coronabot."

    When an infected pc is opened and logs onto a bank account half the money is transferred to a Swiss Bank called the "Independent Corona Bank of Geneva". It doesn't happen if the bank account is in a female or joint name. It only affects male bank accounts.

    I happen to be a Director of that bank- called ICBG for short.

    In the last 2 days my bank has received over £20 million, by the end of the week that will be £200 million. Untraceable, completely legal, spendable money. It is distributed over 30 accounts, so we all get rich.

    There are men who have protested but they are all withdrawing their complaints after a visit from a Nannybot. I am sure you will know why.

    In some news outlets this is still a crisis. Mostly for male consumption. On all the female shows it is hoped we can all live with the virus. I certainly hope so.

    "The so called Nannybot crisis has been with us for sometime. My husband is now completely controlled by our nannybot. I simply programme into the system my instructions for the week or day or even the next hour and the system makes sure he obeys. He s quite fond of the robot and talks to it all day as he does his chores. It is fool proof even for him. He doesn't have to decide what to do as the Nany Robot will tell him, and monitor his completion of the tasks. An hourly report is sent to my cell so I know what is going on."


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