Her gesture, motion, and her smiles

Her wit, her voice my heart beguiles.

You might imagine she’s indifferent to whether you agree or not, but disagreeing with her at this point will actually have quite an effect on what happens next. Just try it and you’ll see.
Find out what you mean to her.
It’s a bit tricky for a subbie, if the word of his goddess is as holy writ but she’s also inclined to say things as a joke. Oh well, no one ever said femdom had to be easy.
Surprisingly enough, one of her next tricks was a trucker into very pervy stuff, and it was a very lucky thing you were there to help her give him what he wanted. It just goes to show… don’t you think?
Oh dear, I hope it wasn’t anything important. I’m sure it’ll turn up somewhere when you get back from the honeymoon, anyway.
Billie appears not to have planned this very well but she’s being very nice about it.

4 thoughts on “Her gesture, motion, and her smiles”

  1. No. 5. Wedding
    The penis exists to serve her when she wants it, otherwise it is put away.

    1. Mine has the same rule – fortunately, my SO discovered the penis has a great many pain receptors so it does get at least the occasional outing.

      Best wishes


  2. I think that the wedding night sex is a clich├ę, that gives husbands wrong ideas about the marriage

    1. Quite so, Maria. Unlike wedding night thrashings, which are there to instill precisely the right idea. Of course, some brides enjoy both and who am I to argue?

      Best wishes


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