Lashes speak louder then words

Surprise her and you might get a surprise yourself. Or you might not – that’s all part of the fun.
Actually, almost anything that maledom porn depicts being done to females can be done to males too, as long as you’re prepared to make a few cuts and alterations.
Looks good on her. Let’s hope it wasn’t anyone you knew.
Men often say things they later regret.
Plus it’s good for him to have an opportunity to experiment where it doesn’t matter if he makes a mistake and ends up breaking something.
She really shouldn’t worry; it’ll be fine.

5 thoughts on “Lashes speak louder then words”

  1. First picture. My girl friend said the following:
    “Estimados señores.
    Men think with dick; women think with womb. Good deeds and obeying will avoid punishments, but will not get you where you want to go. Open up your feelings !
    Women need: emotional spontaneity, fun, cuddling, affection, romantic courting, being made to feel very desired, and a masculine man who is sexually disciplined.

    1. Sweet Isabel wants to add the following:
      “Boys who try to get sex should be humiliated or worse.
      Self confident men who show that a woman is very desirable, without it being an attempt to get sex, melt the woman.
      Isabel. “

      1. “Oh honey honey, you put me in wonderful bliss by your caressing me all over without trying for sex .
        Isabel “

  2. Thank you for all of that, Alberto. Yes, best to try to get out of the habit of ‘thinking with your dick’. After all, what if one day you didn’t have it any more? Just hypothetically, as my SO likes to say. Makes you think.

    Best wishes


    PS – Quite agree about the man-hide, of course. There’s plenty of it around and a lot of it just goes to waste keeping males from leaking out all over the place into a nasty, sticky, bloody and dead mess. Fashion’s the obvious solution.

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