Service orientation

My SO’s always had the same rule.  Sulky face = semen face.  Simple, no argument.

Or breakfast, if you’re not hungry enough by tonight.
I’d end up paying a lot of guys for a lot of things, if that rule applied to me.  It’s important to prioritise: to spend your money on the things that make her most happy.

Many people who get into porn movies just do it for a short time, but snuff movie stars, oddly enough, often spend the rest of their lives in the business.

My first girlfriend told me she was strongly opposed to corporal punishment of children.  When I turned eighteen, I discovered she had strong views on the corporal punishment of adults, too.

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  1. And vice-versa. But there are also aunts, girlfriends, male offender correction officers… it'll work out, one way or the other.

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