Slavish obedience

A bit presumptuous, from someone I only met five minutes ago.  What makes her so sure I won’t just wander off and never meet her again?

You might think that after this experience she’d become a pro-domme, but actually she’s fine with the escort business, as long as she can occasionally beat clients up.
Now here’s a professional lady more focused on the subculture’s needs!
Some of the sales team made the mistake of telling potential customers that they’d be physically punished if they didn’t meet their sales targets.  5% of customers did buy more, in sympathy, 75% just laughed it off as a joke but the remaining 20% immediately cancelled their orders. All women, oddly enough.

The run’s extended by three months, but after that it seems they’re likely to run out of convicted sex offenders.  Of course, there are always more sex offenders being convicted – but strangely, the sexual crime rate fell by 75% soon after the show opened. Ironic, huh?

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  1. Hi Servitor,

    This is unrelated to the above captions, but you might want to know that. The minister of justice of Israel, Ayelet Shaked (remember? I do), after being accused of being fashist and trying to harm the Supreme Court and decrease its power, answered yesterday in an election campeign, saying at the end, that correct separation of powers  "smells like democracy to me".

    Now, usually boys like us are not interested in boring politics, right? But I thought you might want to know this because… Ah, demn. Just take a look, will you?

    She has yet to respond to the romours of reeducation camps secretly being built, with the words  "come on in, boys!" written on their front gates. People talks about it all around, and she just…

  2. Thank you. Life imitates art, it seems. I don't pretend to understand Israeli politics, but the controversy around these videos does seem to be yet another example of the usual media obsession with using issues of race and religion to detract from the truly impoirtant and inspiring goal of establishing female totalitarian rule over worthless males.

  3. Thank you Furc.

    “A classic is something that everybody wants to have read and nobody wants to read.” Mark Twain.

    But I haven't been able to find a female author agreeing with that point, so it is probably wrong.

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