Captivating ladies

Actually, unlike many men with small penises, I don’t obsess about it and feel inadequate and ashamed about its size.  My feelings of inadequacy and shame are much more broadly-based than that.

It’s just to redress the balance.  Men are no good at empathy.  Not like women: my SO always knows when I’m hurting badly, no matter how much I try to conceal it.
It’s much shorter than my punishment song – which has seventeen verses.  Even though I’ve never considered myself a good singer, my SO usually enjoys it so much she ‘asks’ for an encore.  Sometimes two.
Lucky bastard – he’s going to be experiencing his top sexual fantasy for the rest of his life.
The gentlemen in the picture likes to claim he is ‘very experienced in BDSM’ but actually, he’s about to discover there’s a lot more to it than he had ever imagined.


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  1. The chip sounds so sensible. And it helps bridge the gap between males and Females in empathic ability as you say. Great stuff.

  2. 'Dreamy' is actually exactly correct. Although the focus of the caption above is on waking obedience, it can also be used to narrate dreams during the night-time. Users with control rights can create their own, or choose from a range including basic obedience protocols, useful skill development programmes such as 'Pleat Ironing 101' or some livelier items that will keep subbie focused such as "Pursued through the forest of giant spiders", which I can assure you is a very interesting way indeed to spend eight hours, although like most chipped subbies I have experienced it only once.

  3. It's very important to feel her pain. Of course, there are was of achieving that other than the chip, but it's best to have more than one technique for marital harmony.

    Congratulations, Femsup, on shedding your anonymity and emerging, butterfly-like, into the warm summer world of a Blogger identity!

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