Makes your feet and fingers glow

No, not that. (Warning: SFW)


I don’t bother too much about fashion myself.  Life’s easier when all you wear is a steel collar. I’m never out of style because I’m never allowed out.

Practice makes perfect.  Next!

Many brides encounter disappointment on their wedding nights.  She just needs to make the best of it and move on, I reckon.

Married couples should try to share one another’s interests. It’s about making an effort: an act of the will. Sure, he’s not so interested in cock, but maybe he could just bend from time to time, hmm?  Is it so hard?

I went to see Justice League.  I’ve got to say, I have mixed feelings about it.  Maybe… oh I don’t know… 20% of the movie is really great but the other 80% was just meh for me. There was some really shoddy camerawork too – like on several occasions, you could clearly see actors in shot, speaking lines and stuff like that, and blocking the view of Gal?  That’s just unprofessional.

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  1. So if I am understanding the narrative in the third caption, George tried to escape from his wife and was kidnapped. Is that it? He is being forced to marry her?

  2. Actually, that wasn't the intention but I appreciate it was a little obscure. She's just married but about to experience a tragedy right at the start of her honeymoon, when her husband becomes the victim of a random abduction on the street (a vicious crime he may well not survive). But she'll bear it with fortitude, sniffing bravely through her tears at the press conference.

    I have a little inner voice that's going on when I'm writing these. In the conversations it's usually supplying the other half as well as the background. But it doesn't always come across! Still… 'excessively subtle' is not an acusation that can be levelled at much of the porn on the Internet so maybe erring in that direction from time to time is a price worth my paying for the ones that do work!

  3. Oh, I see…..I just assumed that this was an escape attempt since you have posted similar themes before.

  4. But he can make her jealous in return and tell her just how often he and his brother were beaten by their Mother. Femsup

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