Shocking untruths

Communication is at the heart of a healthy relationship, especially if it’s all in one direction.




Always bring a sissy when you’re dogging.  It’s nicer for the guys as well, if they fancy swinging both ways. Or just hitting someone.


Don’t worry: that doctor won’t lie on an official medical form, just because she asks him to.  Only if Lucy asks.  He’s hers, you see. 


She’s free and single and yet you’re neither.  But who said life had to be fair?

I’ve half a mind to complain.


0 thoughts on “Shocking untruths”

  1. I can picture too well the lengthy “discussion” they will be having behind that closed door.
    I hate it when I do something that offends. My Wife is all too happy to describe my transgressions. When I wrote “describe,” I thought scribe… and I must admit, she’s never written them on my back or chest to remind me for a longer period. I guess I should be glad about that!

    I like the third pic… but so sad.

  2. Actually, she usually finds she gets her main points across pretty quickly. The remaining time is just sorting out the details, checking his understanding and so on.

    Many thanks for commenting.

    Best wishes


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