Imperial, mysterious

 …and in amorous array.

Lots of men get a bit nervous on their wedding days, but some have more cause for it than others.

But she is wearing everyday clothes, isn’t she?

Very weird.

Men are often not good at prioritising.  She can help with that.

Actually, Julie’s not keen on putting things out of their misery.  Neither of them are.

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  1. Speaking as one of those tiny guys, I think I would fit quite nicely into her bra so no need for a bag, and I am sure my mate who got trodden on would find that a comfortable resting place to pass his last few hours – or minutes.

  2. The fourth picture. He isn’t in control of himself. So she has his balls in a vise.

  3. For the third picture, it’s odd that he would enjoy the whipping, but judging by the smile on her face, it looks like she certainly will.

  4. For the wedding soanking, have to agree. My Wife recognizes grumpiness in me, and knows how to change my attitude— rather quickly, too! I imagine sitting for the reception dinner was a bit of a pain for this gentleman.she was right to start early in the marriage. SaraE

    Oh, and yes, that’s a dilemma when that cutie asked if you noticed her Dad’s came and outfits upstairs. What to admit on the spur of the moment .. what does her smile indicate? But(t) I think she knows…. 😉

  5. Yes. Quite early in our relationship, I told my SO that I loved over-the-knee spankings and that I hated nipple clamps. And she has always remembered that. It's always best to talk.

    Best wishes


  6. "I now pronounce you sub and wife. You may slap the groom."

    As for cutie, she knows. And what she doesn't know, she's determined to find out, one way or another.

    Best wishes


  7. He just needs to simplify the things in his life. She can help him a lot with that. Imagine no possessions… it's easy if you find yourself the right findomme.

    Thanks for these and (I'm guessing) a tonne of other comments. You're welcome to give yourself a name, you know, if you're planning to visit often!

    Best wishes


  8. Ha…Slap me now! Let’s get this show on the road.

    Oh, she’ll find out alright… 😉

  9. If I were forced to marry her, I'd be grumpy too. He needn't worry so much. He just doesn't know what's good for him yet. He'll fall in love with her loving iron fist eventually. They always do.

  10. Yes, I'll worship and adore her fervently. Goddesses love praise and worship, especially if it is done with an erection, to truly show your love for her.

  11. Oh, you wouldn't be grumpy for long, Squawneworder. Pretty soon you'd be getting up bright and early every morning, eager to do whatever you could to please her and thanking her for the daily privilege that involves.



  12. As for adoring her… yes, that can certainly work. My SO adores being adored – but then she also enjoys punishing,. So a balance must be struck, and strike it she most certainly does.

    Best wishes to both of you.


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